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Loren Cadena was the CEO of Kao Construction in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Cadena had long blonde hair worn in a bun and blue eyes. She wore sunglasses, gold earrings, a black dress, and high-heel shoes.


Not much is known about Cadena's personality, but her company was known to thousands of acres of forest on Callisto that lead to the extinction of the Ganymede sea rat.


Cadena attended an opera house where she and a man named Mark Manly were held hostage by people from the Callisto Liberation Front. Their intentions were to use her as a hostage so that her company would cease terraforming Callisto to prevent further damage done to the planet. Mark was going to be used as an example of how the spores the company used to terraform Callisto, however, he knocks it out of the CLF member's hand and she inhales the spores causing her to transform into a giant tree.[1]