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"I will protect you, for the honor of the Red Dragon."
―Lin speaking to Vicious[src]

Lin was a member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate along with his brother, Shin. He partnered with Vicious until his death on Callisto.


Lin joined the Red Dragon Syndicate and worked under Spike Spiegel for a time. He became fiercely loyal to those he was pledged to serve and gradually rose through the ranks, believing in the Syndicate. However, he also came to prefer methods that avoided needless violence. After Spike disappeared, Lin served under Vicious.

In 2071, when Vicious received a request for a deal on Red Eye from a contact named Julia on Callisto, Lin presented the details to The Van with Vicious. Wang Long decided to allow it, and Lin was sent to protect and keep an eye on Vicious for anything suspicious. As the two left the Red Dragon ship to head to Callisto, he pledged his loyalty to Vicious for the Red Dragon, despite Vicious' statement that he'll need to betray him at times.


On Callisto, Spike found them and confronted Vicious. Despite seeing Spike again and his former allegiance, Lin blocked Vicious from Spike's aim. Spike demanded he move, but Lin stood firm. He shot Spike, though the gun he used was a tranquilizer that knocked him unconscious to the ground. Lin and Vicious then escaped to conduct the deal.[2][3]

They met what appeared to be a woman sent by Gren on a rooftop. Lin checked the Red Eye for purity and gave her the suitcase for payment, secretly with a bomb inside. As he walked back, however, he saw the woman kick back the suitcase and shoot it, revealing the woman was Gren himself. Lin was blown away by the explosion, and survived only to sacrifice himself protecting Vicious when Gren shot him.[3]


It is possible that Lin is the fallen warrior Laughing Bull was referring to at the beginning and end of Jupiter Jazz, as Spike mentions that Lin's soul is lost due to him dying to protect Vicious.



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