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Lee was an attorney in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


lee had neatly combed black hair, a matching color mustache, and dark brown eyes. He wore black-rimmed glasses, a gray suit, and brown dress shoes.


Not much is known about Lee's personality, but he sounded confident when he learned that a judge signed their approval on some arrest warrants to investigate something involving the Syndicate.



Lee was an attorney on Tharsis. Upon exiting his office while on the phone with someone, Lee told the person on the other line that someone named Judge Bradly signed off on the warrants to investigate the Syndicate. Unbeknownst to Lee, both Spike and Vicious who were posing as janitors at the law firm, were sent there to kill him. Lee is first strangled by Spike using a garrotte and Vicious proceeds to stab him multiple times in the chest. Right before Lee dies, Vicious asks Lee, "How does it feel", he doesn't answer, however, as he dies. The two then argue about how Spike's way of killing Lee was more efficient than Vicious' and then who will clean up the blood from Lee's body. At that moment a woman named Brenda arrives at the scene accompanied by her daughter. Frozen in shock from Lee's dead body, Brenda promises Spike who has her at gunpoint to not tell anyone about what she saw there that night. She agrees to do that and flees fearfully with her child when Spike yells at her too.[1]