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Laughing Bull's Son is the son of the nomadic Native American Laughing Bull, who occasionally imparts wisdom and advice to his child. Not much is known about him but he appears to be quite curious and have a warm relationship with his father and possibly practices the same traditional customs as he does.

He is camping with his father on a moon of Jupiter when he saw a shooting star. He learned from his father that the star signified the fall of a warrior who couldn't find his way to the Great Spirit. [1][2]

  • Son: A star just fell from the sky.
  • Laughing Bull: That is not an ordinary star, my son. That star is the tear of a warrior.
  • Son: What warrior is it?
  • Laughing Bull: A lost soul who has finished his battles somewhere on this planet.

[Son looks to him in curisoity] [Laughing Bull continues] A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the great spirit awaits us all. [Laughing Bull begins to chant]


The character was credited as "Child." Bull called the child "my son" in dialog, and it's assumed this is the literal use of the word.