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Katerina Solensan or Katerina Montgomery was the lover of Asimov Solensan in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Katerina has long dark brown hair worn in a braided ponytail and eyes. She wore a maroon dress.


For the most part, Katerina was supportive of her husband Asimov, but disdained him for his use of Red Eye.



Sometime before the start of the story, Katerina runs away from her father Ellis Montgomery and he puts a bounty on her head for her return.

Katerina accompanied by her husband Asimov, enters the El Ray where Asimov tries to sell some Red Eye to a bartender there. The Bartender is reluctant in purchasing it unless he sees a demonstration of it. Despite, Katerina's tacit protest, Asimov demonstrates the Red Eye on himself. When he does, Syndicate members enter the bar and confront Asimov only for all, but one to die by his hands. Katerina witnesses the entire scene unfold on the ground and in fear.[1]

Later, Katerina shows up in some footage from the El Ray that Spike and Jet. Afterward, Katerina tries to light up a cigarette and Spike helps her by lighting it for her; instead of giving it back to her, he notes how it's bad for her health, because of her pregnancy. They then talk about a couple of things, mostly about Mars, until Faye appears and has her gun pointed at the back of Spike's head. Spike believes that Faye's also after Asimov, however, she's actually after Katerina since her father Ellis Montgomery put a hefty bounty on her. While Spike is surprised that Katerina is really Ellis Montgomery's daughter, Katerina begs to not return her to her father, but Faye refuses. The moment Faye points her gun at Katerina, she and Asimov make their escape in their car.[1]

That night, the two stop at a spaceship mechanic shop, and after Asimov scares away the mechanic and his helper, Spike and Jet appear from their hiding spots and confront the two. Spike tries to reason with them, but Asimov refuses Spike's help and Syndicate members then arrive at the scene. In the sequential shootout, Katerina is shot in the stomach revealing that her pregnancy is fake and that she was really carrying multiple vials of Red Eye there. Soon Asimov is shot in the neck by Faye and Katerina with the wounded Asimov escapes with him on a ship and are pursued by Spike into space. From there the warp station police warn Katerina to turn back or they'll be shot dead. However, with Asimov succumbing to his wounds, Katerina resigns to fate and dies in the shootout by the warp gate police.