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"Adios, cowboy."
―Katerina Solensan[src]

Katerina Solensan (カテリーナ・ソーレンサン?) was a drug smuggler and wife of the criminal Asimov Solensan. Dreaming of leaving the Tijuana asteroid for a better life on Mars, she instead died in the attempt alongside Asimov.

Appearance []

Katerina is a young busty woman with light-medium skin tone and purple eyes. Her wavy brown hair is tied with blue ribbons and she wears geometric earrings. She is dressed in a purple maternity dress. Her appearance is highly inspired by Salma Hayek in Desperado.

Biography []

Katerina had always dreamed of leaving Tijuana to live on Mars, however, she knew that one had to have a lot of money to live well there. When Asimov decided to leave the syndicate while stealing Bloody Eye in order to make a living for the two of them, Katerina hid the vials under her dress, making it appear she was pregnant. She would then accompany Asimov to his business deals selling the Bloody Eye. They went to the El Ray bar, which turned into a shoot-out when Asimov's former syndicate members found them. She was a good shot with a gun, too, and killed one of them while Asimov used the Bloody Eye to kill the majority of them.

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Katerina talking to Spike

Katerina met Spike Spiegel near a gas station and talked with him while Asimov went to the bathroom. She was a bit taken with him until he mentioned he was a bounty hunter and looking for Asimov. She immediately disengaged, but Asimov still suspected she liked him and made comments about it. Their next Bloody Eye transaction turned out to be Spike himself and, still with the former syndicate members on their tail, another shoot-out resulted. This time, her dress became torn which caused a loss of some of the Bloody Eye vials. While trying to escape from Spike, Asimov took too much of the Bloody Eye and lost his mind, charging on a police barricade of the Astral Gate. Katerina finally realized her dream was futile and killed Asimov before he got there, unwilling to cause any more destruction. She died when their ship was shot by the police.[2]



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