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Ka-Ching was a member of the Neptune Gang in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Ka-Ching had long brown hair and eyes. He wore a light brown jacket, a plaid brown kilt, navy blue pants, and brown boots.


Not much is known about Ka-Ching's personality, however, when he disparaged the Syndicate and Vicious, this prompted Vicious to nearly cut off his hand.



Ka-Ching was to be the broker on the Neptune Cartel's side to strike a deal with the Syndicate. He negotiates the deal with Syndicate members Fearless and Vicious, but the deal breaks down when he disparages the two and Vicious tries to cut off his hand. This action makes the both of them be reprimanded by their superior Stax. The two later talk about this incident at Ana's bar and Vicious curses Ka-Ching. Afterward, Vicious and Fearless now accompanied by Julia take a drive, and eventually, Vicious spots Ka-Ching walking out of a bar and he proceeds to hit him with the car and beat him. Fearless tries to stop him, but Vicious tells to take Julia home while he deals with Ka-Ching. Later, with the help of Shin and Lin, Vicious tortures and executes Ka-Ching despite his victim's pleas for mercy.[1]

Stax immediately catches wind of the situation and summons Fearless to his office and reprimands him over what Vicious did to Ka-Ching and the consequences it now holds for the Syndicate.[1]