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Julia is Spike's former lover in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Julia has long blonde hair and green eyes. She typically wears a black sleeveless dress and high heel shoes.


At the start of the series, Julia is a demure and soft-spoken woman who is in love with Vicious. However, as the series progresses, her personality goes through changes. Julia begins to loathe Vicious and wants to not only be free from him, but to not feel so powerless any longer.


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Julia appears in Spike's dream sequence of his past within the Syndicate. She later appears when Vicious lights a cigarette for her[1]

Envoys of the Van visit Vicious' penthouse and use a hologram machine allowing him and Julia to be in their presence. The Van reprimand Vicious for his underhanded dealing of Red Eye and as a way to redeem himself, he's given a gun and ordered to shoot his wife Julia. Although hesitant, the Van member Caliban provokes him to do it revealing that the gun was unloaded. Warning Vicious to not betray their trust again, Vicious is left despondent while Julia is left in complete and utter shock by the incident. Elsewhere, Spike reconnects with Ana in her office, and the two talk about old times including how Vicous is now married to Julia. As a favor, Spike asks Ana to keep a watchful eye on Vicious for him while he's at her place. Sometime after their confrontation with the Van, both Vicious and Julia two get into an argument over each other's trust and how Julia thinks that Vicious isn't man enough to stand up for himself. This makes Vicious grab Julia's neck and demand that she never say something like that again.[2]

At his fish factory, Vicious orders Shin and Lin to have Tui deliver Julia her favorite chocolates to her. After they "shut down" the Red Eye processing area, Vicious reinforces that the two to not forget about Julia's chocolates. Elsewhere, Julia visited Ana's bar and gazed upon its stage reminiscing the old days. She's then met by Ana and the two briefly talk about the old days and then head into Ana's office to talk more about how Vicious strangled her.[3]

Playing the piano at Vicious' penthouse, Vicious arrives with Tui, and Julia thanks Vicious for the chocolates. Vicious then informs her that Tui will be taking her off the planet to protect her from the Elders. He then details his plans to eliminate the Elders, but Julia notes the flaw in the plan if it fails. Requesting that Tui leave them, Vicious then asks what Julia would suggest and she proposes that they approach the plan from a different angle. Furthermore, she suggests that he round up the other Capos to help him. Noting how weak the Eunuch is, but Julia claims that Mao would be a better choice. Considering the suggestion, Vicious notes that Mao is no fool, but Julia reaffirms that it was just a suggestion. Visiting Ana's bar again, Julia talks with Ana about arranging a meeting with Mao to meet with Vicious.[4]

On the night of his meeting with Mao, Vicious is notably anxious about it due to Julia having to attend as a way of insurance, but Julia reassures him. Upon meeting with Mao, she immediately notes how furious she was that she lent Gunther to Vicious without question, but he gets him killed. Apologetic about the loss of her assassin, Vicious informs her of his plan to overthrow the Elders with her and Eunuch's help. Mao then informs how Santiago aka the Eunuch got his moniker. Furthermore, as a condition for her to contact Santiago and agree with Vicious' plan, Mao requests that Julia sing for her. Furious by this request, Vicious cancels the deal and as he walks away, Julia sings for Mao despite Vicious' protest. Back at the penthouse, Vicious claims that Julia humiliated him in front of Vicious, however, she argues that if she sat by and did nothing would have compromised their plans. Since Mao was privy to their plan and they needed to repay her for having Gunther killed. With Vicious out of the room, Julia realizes that the one who killed Gunther was Fearless.[5]

While picking up some of the mess that he made, Spike picks up an old photo with him and Julia in it, but throws it in his wastebasket. Afterward, Spike gets trapped in a VR world where Julia meets with him and tries to convince him to let her go, while Vicious accompanied by Shin, Lin, and other Syndicate members tries and kill them. After this event, Spike takes the picture out of his wastebasket and looks at it.[6]

Julia visits Ana in her office to confront her about how long she knew that Fearless was alive. She answers not long and claims that so long as Fearless is alive, he won't stop hunting him until either Spike or he is dead. Meeting with Mao after her meeting with Vicious and Santiago, Julia requests that Mao kill Vicious in exchange for entire control over the Syndicate.[7]

On the night of the coup against the elders, at his penthouse, Vicious successfully negotiates with Santiago to uphold his part of the bargain to send away his guards. Vicious then puts on the shackles as part of the plan and before leaving he kisses Julia goodbye while assuring her that everything will be alright. Later that night, much to her surprise, Vicious was alive and he returned home holding Mao's severed head to which he tossed into his fireplace.[8]

In the past at Ana's bar, Julia replaces the main act, due to the person being too sick to perform. Despite her anxiety, Julia's performance is a hit and catches the attention of Vicious who later courts her and becomes her boyfriend. Eventually, when Julia was showing a bartender, the pendent that Vicious got her, Gren approached her to tell her that Ana fired her. Distraught by the news, Julia goes backstage to get answers from Ana who reveals that her being fired was just a ruse to reveal that she's become a headliner at the place. Afterward, Julia meets Vicious and Fearless at a dive bar and reveals to them about her promotion. When the band at the bar starts to play the Jupiter Jig, Julia invites Fearless to dance with her, and as they do a photographer takes a picture of the two. Later as they're driven home by Vicious, he spots Ka-Ching exiting another bar and in a fit of rage runs him over with his car. Vicious stays behind so he could deal with Ka-Ching and has Fearless drive the distraught Julia home. There the two kiss and make love until Fearless gets contacted by his superior Stax. After killing off all of the Neptune Cartel members, Fearless informs Julia of his plan to leave the Syndicate and take Julia with him. Although hesitant she ultimately agrees to do it, but later is picked up by Tui to be taken to Vicious' penthouse.[9]

Back in the present, Julia watches Vicious pour himself a drink at his penthouse and reprimands Julia for planning with Mao to have him killed and vows to make her pay for it. In the backseat of a car with Tui, Julia reveals to Tui that once she thought that she loved Vicious until she realized that she had no clue what love even was. Hence to help Julia go after her true love, Tui attacks the Syndicate members in the front seat killing them and causing the car to topple over. This allows Julia to escape and confront Spike right after his confrontation with Vicious. Their reunion, however, isn't pleasant as she blames Spike for making her become what she became presently and shoots him through the stained glass in the cathedral. Sometime later, Julia handcuffs Vicious somewhere where he's told by Julia that for now on she'll run the Syndicate under his name.[10]


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