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Jet Black is one of the main characters in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Like his anime counterpart, Jet wears a flight suit and his left arm is a cybernetic one after losing it during an incident when he was still working for the ISSP. He has a vertical scar on his left eye and a piece of metal on the side of the eye as well.


While retaining most of his anime counterpart's personality, such as his fondness for cooking and taking care of bonsai trees, Jet has shown to be a family man. He loves his daughter Kimmie and would go to great lengths to make her happy and stay connected with her.


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Jet crashes through the ceiling of Watanabe Casino while Spike deals with Tanaka's crew. He at first chastises Spike for killing the bounties, but acts in a hypocritical fashion when he kills a few targets himself. Eventually, their target takes a hostage and to make matters worse another crew member named Frank enters the scene armed with a disrupter gun and fires it off creating a giant hole in the casino wall. The hole in the wall sucks up the dead bodies in the casino including Frank. Learning of the emergency switch location from the casino manager Carol, Jet presses it, which plugs up the hole. Later that day, Jet turns in Tanaka, but his bounty is heavily decreased due to the damages done to the casino. He's then approached by a former colleague of his who he holds not a high opinion of named Chalmers. Chalmers informs Jet of a bounty not on the wire yet claiming he's following a request from Alisa. The Bounty head in question is named Asimov Solensan, and he was last located on T.J., although Spike is apprehensive of going there. Jet guilt trips him to going there with him. From a bartender, Jet gets some information about Asimov and about a purple-haired woman.[1]

That afternoon, Jet asks Spike about the woman in the bathroom and Spike then introduces the woman as Faye Valentine. After she curses at Jet, she locks her back in the toilet and then informs Spike about how some Syndicate members went after Asimov in a bar there. As it turns out Asimov is a member of them and is trying to sell Red Eye. Spike then informs Jet how Faye is after Asmimov's woman who is really Ellis Montgomery's daughter. Despite Spike trying to dissuade Jet from going any further, Jet remains obstinate and they find both Asimov and his woman Katerina at a spaceship mechanic place. Shortly after arriving there, members of the Syndicate arrive and try to kill everyone. Amid the conflict, Asimov drugs up on Red Eye and nearly kills Jet, but he's saved by Faye who shoots Asimov in the neck. Katerina with Asimov in tow then flees the scene, but is pursued by Spike. Realizing that Faye used his gun, Jet snatches it from Faye and she curses him and Spike.[1]

Jet and Spike try and blend in at a cathedral in order to catch the wanted serial bomber Teddy Bomber. After Spike leaves to use the bathroom, Jet spots Teddy from the description he got from the Big Shot tv show and tries, but fails to apprehend him. Afterward, on the Bebop, the only thing of Teddy that Jet managed to retrieve of Teddy was his prosthetic arm, to which, he uses the ship's computer to analyze its material. As the ship's computer does this and Spike goes out for some "Noodles", Jet skims over Teddy's manifesto. Once the analysis is complete revealing that the substance is 94% Vaxium Nitrate, Jet reviews the footage of Teddy's bombing sites. Jet then contacts Spike and later meets him at a construction site which is one of the five places that Jet visited to try and track down Teddy's location. At the construction site, they learn from the foreman there that there hasn't been a shortage of any Vaxium Nitrate and that the supply guy "Theodore Clark" can confirm it. Immediately picking up on the name, Jet and Spike head to Theodore's spaceship workshop.[2]

Inside the place, Jet and Spike have a brief disagreement on whether they should go to the workshop or cockpit, but in the end, they go to the workshop. On the way there, Spike stops Jet from stepping on a booby trap and after arriving in the workshop finding that it's empty, the ship takes off into outer space. Upon arriving at the cockpit, the two watch as some space debris destroy the cockpit and are then confronted by Teddy himself. He threatens them in an incoherent manner waving around a detonator, but Jet and Spike only manage to understand only most of what Teddy was trying to say to them. Sequentially, Jet and Spike manage to take out Teddy, but Jet lands on another booby trap, hence Spike takes his place so Jet can fetch the Bebop and later rescue him.[2]

Frustrated that he can't get a Walking Sally doll on Tharsis for his daughter Kimmie's birthday, Jet vents this all to Spike. Admonishing Jet in leaving Tharsis, Spike shows him a new bounty of Abdul Hakim, so to get more information on their target, Jet contacts an old acquaintance of his named Woodcock. At first, Woodcock flirts with Jet, but after forming a mutual agreement with Jet gives him the raw footage of the video evidence on Hakim. The two watch the footage and Spike uses his lip reading talents to understand what Hakim is saying. Realizing that Hakim was using a face changer module frequently used in low-rent brothels, Jet fetches a scrambler he got from a guy he once knew named Doc Holiday. Following Spike's advice, Spike watches over Betty's Bottom and Jet watches over Betty's Boop. At the location, Spike and Jet talk a bit about Kimmie and how his former co-worker Chalmers is now married to his former wife Alisa. After activating the scrambler, Jet purchases a Walking Sally doll from a black market dealer named Benicio and then goes to help Spike who's having trouble fighting against Hakim. In the end, Jet rescues Spike from falling to his death from the brothel's rooftop.<refname=ep3>Dog Star Swing</ref>

Lamenting over the times he's seen Kimmie within the last seven years to Spike, a toy store contacts Jet informing him that they have a Walking Sally Doll. However, he's a thousand Woolong short, and despite once again being resolved to leave the planet, Jet is once again dissuaded by Spike. The two then meet with a livid Betty who reprimands the two for destroying her property and the other things that they did that night to catch Hakim. Still, though, Betty agrees them to meet with Hakim's dominatrix named Greta. The two meet with Greta and learn from her that Hakim owns a lot of dogs at the Atmos farm that he works at. With this new information, Jet concludes that Hakim was kidnapping his victim's dogs. Confronting Hakim at the Atmos farm, Jet and Spike learn about Hakim's motives, but the moment they successfully manage to get Hakim to surrender he's shot dead by the ISSP. Contrary to Spike's frustration, Jet walks away with a cool head despite not having enough money to buy the doll Kimmie wants. Instead, he delivers the dog that he found at the farm named Ein. This present, however, is not well received by his ex-wife Alisa who demands that he take it back. Kimmie though still wants to be able to see and talk with it, to which, Jet elatedly allows her to do whenever she wants.<refname=ep3/>

Jet and Spike order some food at a restaurant and are soon joined by a wounded Faye who informs them of an incident she was involved in. The incident itself was orchestrated by the people of the Callisto Liberation Front led by a woman named Maria Murdock. Afterward, on the Bebop, Jet reviews Maria's bounty information, and after Faye spots Ein and becomes intrigued by the dog; Spike pulls Jet to the side noting his distrust of her. This mistrust of his was well placed as she steals his ship and Ein. They later manage to track her down and Jet has to tell Spike not to shoot her despite him eagerly wanting to do so. Back on the Bebop, Jet cauterizes Faye's bullet wound and feeds her the leftovers from the restaurant. From Faye, they follow a little tip about one of the CLF calling one another a Howard". As it turns out the name matches Howard Culpepper a worker at Kao Construction. It's there that they find out that Howard was turned into a tree and that the CLF members plan on launching a missile that would terraform the planet. Jet and Spike manage to take out two of the CLF members leaving Faye to sacrifice her ship to destroy the missile. In the end, Jet allows Faye to stay on the ship until she manages to get a new spaceship of her own.[3]

In the past, Jet and his old partner Fad talks about Charlie "Birdie" Parker, and their conversation switches over to their target Udai Taxim. They track down Udai to an old apartment complex and amid their confrontation with Udai, Fad gets shot and wounded. Pleading that Jet go on without him, he purses Udai to the end of an alleyway where a set of headlights shine on him and he's shot down. In the present, Jet talks to a disinterested Faye about Birdie until Spike complains about there being no hot water to use. Faye admits it was her that did it for her "Shower-Bath-Shower". The tv-show Big Bang then comes on and announces a bunch of bounties located on Europa, one of which, was Udai which triggers Jet and leaves both Spike and Faye to hunt for the other bounties. Reconnecting with Fad the two set off to find Udai's current location. First, they visit a man named Dagmar who created a fake identity for Udai. After they get the information from him, Fad creates a diversion to avoid making contact with Chalmers and his partner Duero.[4]

At a different location, Jet and Fad contemplate what Udai's next move will be and Jet has an epiphany that Udai will try to get off the planet on a sorting station. It's at that sorting location, that Fad and Jet split up to search for Udai. After a brief chase Jet manages to catch up to Udai who surrenders, but is shot dead by Fad who reveals he was Udai's contact and the one who gave him his metal arm and leg. Fad then fires at Jet who uses his metal arm to deflect the bullet and Jet returns fire killing Fad. Both Chalmers and Duero then arrive at the scene. Duero leaves to report their find and Chalmers learns that Jet killed Fad in self-defense, while also claiming that Jet killed the only man who could have proved his innocence. Before leaving, he suggests that Jet leave the scene before the ISSP arrives. Before leaving the scene, Jet leaves some money on Fad's body claiming that Birdie was the better player.[4]

A mechanic named Mel chastises the work done on the Bebop and claims that the ship needs a new part to run smoothly again. Jet, on the other hand, believes Mel to be a two-bit swindler who's trying to price gouge him for extra money and then receives a tip from someone named Radical Ed about an old bounty known as Cy-Baba. Jet then informs Spike about the bounty to whom believes that it's a bigfoot hunt, but still, Jet has him pursue it while he gets the new part that's needed for the ship. In the kitchen area, Faye shows Jet her new railgun, which Jet claims is a scam. Later, Jet tries to contact Spike, but is unable to get ahold of him, so he tracks him down and finds him strapped to a chair. A man wielding a gun warns that if Jet tries to free Spike from his confine then he'd die. Thinking that the man is Dr. Londes, Cy-Baba's assumed name, the man introduces himself as Dr. Kaypack the man who created Cy-Baba and reveals its backstory to Jet and Spike's current condition. As Dr. Kaypack works to release Spike from his confinement, it becomes clear to him that the only way to shut down Cy-Baba is to destroy its mainframe located on Earth. Hence Jet rushes back to the Bebop and finds Faye and Mel together. Ordering the two to get the ship up and ready to launch in two minutes. Despite picking up the wrong part and several other mishaps, the Bebop manages to land on Earth and when they find the mainframe, Faye's railgun loaded with a bobby-pin destroys it.[5]

Later on the Bebop, Jet reveals to Spike how Cy-Baba got its name and that he vows to break all of Radical Ed's fingers if he ever gets a hold of him. As Spike walks away to return to his room, Jet asks him what he saw when he was in the VR world, but Spike claims that he has no recollection.[5]

Faye with a woman named Whitney Haggis Matsumoto who Faye claims to be her mother, introduces her to Spike and Jet. Spike takes an immediate liking to Whitney for curing his chronic migraine for him. Jet, however, is warier of her and doesn't want to agree to Whitney's request to be dropped off at Santo City, in favor of being able to attend Kimmie's recital. Following his wary feelings about Whitney, Jet asks her some questions about Faye's background to which, she answers them all very confidently. Later, however, Jet scans Whitney's face from the camera outside of the Bebop to find out she's a wanted criminal under numerous alias'. To make matters worse, she's wanted by the most notorious arms dealer in the solar system the Iron Mink. He demands that they return Whitney to him within an hour or else he'll kill them all and blow up the ship. With that in mind, the Bebop group splits into two groups: in group one, Faye goes with Whitney to her warehouse where her identikit is. Group two, Spike wearing a wedding ring with a tracker on it goes with Jet to find a good place to take a holo call to attend Kimmie's recital. Given some brief time with Alisa, he asks her for some of the pictures of Kimmie Chalmers was taking and she agrees to it, while saying that it means a lot to her that he's there. Proudly, Jet states that he'd fight the world for her to be there all while Spike faces off against the Iron Mink's men outside. Right as the recital is over, Spike throws a Mink goon through the store window that Jet was in and he abruptly ends the holo-call and learns from Spike about what he had to endure when he was attending the recital. Afterward, Spike, Faye, and he watch the video that was in Faye's identikit.[6]

Having what Jet calls a family night at a bowling alley and it was also a surprise birthday party for Faye too. Outside of the bowling alley, they briefly talk about Faye's astrological sign and are soon confronted by a man known as Le Fou. Both Jet and Spike try and attack Le Fou, but to no avail, as he's protected by an impenetrable shield. Flung to the alleyway where Faye and Ein were, Jet and Faye push over a waste container so they can pass over the flaming car blocking their way. Once they reach the other side, Faye tends to Spike's burn wounds while Jet returns fire at Le Fou, but it's Ein's barking at Le Fou that gives them the chance to escape.[7]

Back on the Bebop, Spike's burn wounds are treated, and Jet contacts Woodcock to get more information on Le Fou. Unfortunately, she has nothing to give to him, but warns him about Spike. Afterward, Jet visits Spike in his room who has since recovered from his burn wounds, and serves him some Jamaican rum. He also tries to get Spike to open up about his past, but Spike refuses to talk about it. This continues in the living room area where Spike continues to refuse to talk about his past. Their conversation is interrupted by Le Fou somehow hacking into Ein and using him as a projector to relay a message to Spike. In light of this, Spike heads back into his room, but Jet stops him and insists on helping him fight against Le Fou, as does Faye. Conceding under the pressure, Spike agrees to allow them to help and later in the kitchen area. They all go over a plan on how they'll deal with Le Fou and when the plan commences, Spike sets off in his ship and uploads a virus onto the Bebop that short circuits the ship's power.[7]

Searching around the remains of Earthland, where Spike faced off against Le Fou. Jet and Faye have no luck finding Spike anywhere, but Faye finds something of interest to her involving her past. Eventually, Jet manages to locate Spike's location, at Ana's bar, but it's also there that Vicious has Kimmie hostage and in exchange for her he wants Spike. So Jet forcefully takes Spike to the designated location where he sees Kimmie in Vicious' possession. From there, Jet and Spike take out most of the Syndicate members and when he tries to rescue Kimmie from Vicious, it's revealed that he along with his faithful cohorts Shin and Lin are holograms. Now surrounded by more Syndicate members than they can handle, they're later each tied to a pillar and Vicious enters the scene with Syndicate members in hopes to execute them all along with Kimmie. Arriving in her spaceship, Faye kills the Syndicate members there allowing Jet and Kimmie to escape with her, but Spike stays behind to finish off Vicious. Afterward, Kimmie is picked up by Alisa and Chalmers; Faye also leaves Jet to follow the lead on her past. Once Spike returns to Jet he claims that death does follow him where ever he goes and that if he ever sees Spike again, he'll kill him. Jet then gets back on the Bebop and drives it off the planet.[8]


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