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The Iron Mink is the galaxy's most notorious gun salesman in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Iron Mink has very short dark brown hair, a full beard, and blue eyes. He wears a brown fur coat over a brown suit.


Iron Mink portrays himself as a serious no-nonsense man who would kill anyone that opposes or is of no use to him anymore without a second thought. He's also said to be extremely tenacious.



Right after Faye confesses to Spike and Jet that Whitney Haggis Matsumoto isn't her real mother, the Iron Mink hacks into the Bebop and takes control of it. He then appears before the crew remarking how their security system is garbage. Oblivious to whom the Iron Mink is, Spike enlightens Faye about the Iron Mink's background of being the solar system's most infamous guns dealer. Mink then informs the crew to hand over Whitney within an hour or else their ship will be destroyed. Playing ignorant, Jet claims that Mink has the wrong ship, however, Whitney appears before Mink and claims that he told her to "F*** Off". Off put by the comment, Mink claim that the remark was made clear and he refrained from killing her by sending her into the icy cold vacuum of space if he hadn't been married to her. To that, Whitney claims that if he wants to get to her he'll have to go through the Bebop Cowboys. In response, Mink calls Whitney a slew of disparaging remarks until Jet destroys the ship's hologram projector.[1]

Although Jet's initial intention was to turn Whitney into the authorities at Santo City, however, due to Faye needing to get her identikit back, he releases Whitney. It's then that Jet notices that Whitney's ring has a tracker on it so he then splits the group up into two where Spike and he would deal with the Iron Mink while Faye would retrieve Faye's kit. Afterward, as Jet takes a call in a general store to watch his daughter Kimmie's recital, Spike defends himself against the Iron Mink and his men. However, the Iron Mink that Spike fought against was fake and the real one confronted Whitney and Faye at the storage place where Faye's kit was at. Accompanied by a man named Dimitri, Mink claims that he put more than one tracker on Whitney and as he looks around the storage place claims that Whitney had stolen a lot from him. However, Whitney claims that what is his is hers, but Mink is poised to kill Whitney because he cannot let word get out that he was conned, or else it'd besmirch his reputation. Faye then tries to reason with Iron Mink, but this only leads him to have to kill both Faye and Whitney. It's then that Whitney says "Saddle Stitch" and then Mink relaxes his gun and then kills Dimitri with it. As to why he did it, Mink claims that Dimitri heard the safe word, and apologizes for doing it, but suggests they make out. The two of them do this leaving Faye astounded by the situation and as they do this Faye steals her Indentikit and Whitney's spaceship. Both Whitney and Iron Mink then leave the storage place and when Whitney asks about Faye coming with them, Mink claims he'll have Gregor pick her up and place a tracker on her too. However, Faye uses Whitney's ship to escape as both Whitney and Mink stand by and watch her leave.[1]