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The Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP) is the police force across all inhabited planets and moons in the Solar System.

The ISSP often issued bounties in order to help catch criminals. This meant any bounty hunter could turn in a criminal for a reward that could be obtained at any police department.[1]

Jet Black left the ISSP after realizing the degree of the bribery and corruption in the organization.[2]

ISSP officers included Jet Black, Donnelly, Fad, Bob, and a captain.[3][4][5][2]

The chief of police in Mars is Hoffman.

The ISSP had a mainframe on Mars.[6]

The ISSP sometimes conducted experiments on people. In 2071, they conducted what they called an "assassination skills enhancement" experiment during which a person was physically and genetically enhanced. The experiment was cancelled and one of its subjects, Mad Pierrot, was kept in isolation. He escaped and took revenge on high-level ISSP directors until killed by Spike Spiegel.[6]

The ISSP learned of Scratch and the numerous members who had committed suicide. They investigated the group and tried to find high-level members, but they were unsuccessful.[7]




In keeping with the noir tone of the series, the ISSP is corrupt and engages in illegal activity (such as the creation of Mad Pierrot).[6] Due to its inept officers, it often puts bounties on the heads of wanted criminals that are able to escape the law. However, as seen in Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Asteroid Blues, the ISSP is capable of serious activity if warranted.

The police that chased after Bacchus and Manley was played by Isshin Chiba in Japanese[11] and Michael McCarty in English.[12]