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Herman, or Harmen, was a pirate, hacker and bounty head.

In 2071 he was part of a team along with George and Ruth that used a trucking ship to approach other ships. The ship had a grappling cable that could shoot and target another ship's computer systems. His team used that to disable the ship and the trucking ship opened up to capture the ship. They would then sell the items off discretely. He was pursued by the Bebop and, though able to disable it, the Red Tail and the Swordfish II, the crew used the same virus against their ship, rendering it immobilized and it eventually exploded, killing them.[1]


  • The character was credited as "Herman" but the bounty screen spelled his name as "Harman." The script also spells his name as "Harman."
  • George, Herman, and Ruth get their names from the American professional baseball player George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr.