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For Harris of the Mars Army, see Harris.

Harrison was a loyal member of the Space Warriors under the leadership of Maria Murdock.

The Warriors found out that one of their own, Gett, was actually an ISSP spy. Harrison was responsible for watching him, with Gett being dealt with by the team but this mistake did not go unnpunished by Murdock. While they ate near Ganymede, she pointed it out, as Harrison got fearful however, she was distracted by another patron, Morgan, intending to eat Ganymede sea rat. After the group killed many in the restaurant and Murdock was briefly captured by the crew of Bebop, with Harrison being warned that he will receive his punishment later. Though he was complicit in the plan to use the Monkey Business virus on Ganymede, Murdock used him to help prove to the ISSP chief that she was serious in her threat on the city. The protesting Harrison was infected with the virus and let loose in his mutated state.[1]


The character was voiced by Chafurin in Japanese and Bob Papenbrook in English.[2]