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For Harrison of the Space Warriors, see Harrison.

Harris was a lab technician working for the Mars Army.

In 2071, he worked for Cherious Medical and reported to the Colonel in charge there. When Vincent Volaju set up an attack in Alba City, Harris informed the Colonel of the ISSP response. Harris later observed Steve processing Elektra Ovirowa's blood, which contained the same nanomachines as in Volaju's. He informed the Colonel and, suspecting she was working with Volaju, Harris took her to a holding cell. However, he was subdued by Ovirowa later in front of her cell when Spike Spiegel, in the next cell, distracted him. She took his gun and forced him to open the door.

When Harris found out the ISSP was raiding the Alba City water treatment plant, he led a team of soldiers to take over and eliminate the evidence. He arrived in the main office and confronted Hoffman. They fought over leadership of the situation until they saw the report on the screen that the jack-o-lantern they found was a decoy.[1]