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Greta is a dominatrix for the Betty's Bottom in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Greta has long black hair worn in an upward fashion and dark blue eyes. She wears black skimpy leather clothing.


As a dominatrix, she portrays herself as a sadistic and dominating person. She detests cheap people especially when she offers them services like the Alabama Anaconda.


Seeking information on Hakim and with the permission of Betty, Jet and Spike meet with Mistress Greta. She discloses some information about Abdul how his cheap spending habits with her upsets her. When asked where Hakim could be, she answers that he's most likely in some Tharsis High-Rise using a gold plated toilet. The answer perplexes the two, but Greta reveals he bought a new dog last week and has made a fortune at the Atmo Farm that he works at. With that new information, the two leave, but Greta stops Spike and asks him if he's a cheap bastard, to which, he responds not by his choice and leaves.[1]