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Gotta Knock a Little Harder is a song recorded by the Seatbelts for Cowboy Bebop included on the album Future Blues. It is sung by Mai Yamane, and is one of the few songs sung entirely in English by Yamane

The song featured as Jet Black and Faye Valentine flew over Alba City as their plan to distribute the vaccine was successful, and as the confused citizens wondered why it was raining before the credits roll.[1]


Happiness is just a word to me
And it might've meant a thing or two
If I had known the difference

Emptiness, a lonely parody
And my life, another smokin' gun
A sign of my indifference

Always keepin' safe inside
Where no one ever had a chance
To penetrate a break in

Let me tell you some have tried
But I would slam the door so tight
That they could never get in

Kept my cool under a lock and key And I never shed a tear Another sign of my condition

Fear of love of bitter vanity That kept me on the run The main events at my confession

I kept a chain upon my door That would shake the shame of Cain Into a blind submission

The burning ghost without a name Was still calling all the same But I just won't listen

The longer I'd stall

The further I'd crawl

The further I'd crawl

The harder I'd fall

I was crawling into the fire

The more that I saw

The further I'd fall

The further I'd fall

The lower I'd crawl

I kept falling into the fire