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Gordon was a criminal and owner of the casino Spiders From Mars.

Gordon came into an illegal business transaction in which he would obtain a special chip with the ability to decrypt and unlock virtually any security code. The plan was to have it delivered in a casino chip by an agent to one of his dealers. When Gordon found that Faye Valentine had been caught in his casino, he decided to recruit her for the receiving end of the deal, promising to forgive her debts. He believed she was "Poker Alice." The plan goes awry, however, due to the intervention of Spike Spiegel, who was also at the casino and bore a resemblance to the agent with the casino chip.

Gordon's men found the agent, only to learn that he lost the chip. Furthermore, Faye was captured by the crew of The Bebop. She informed him discretely that they had the chip, and so Gordon made an arrangement with them to exchange it for 30 million woolongs. Gordon and his henchmen intend to turn on them, but are quickly outwitted. As Faye escapes in her ship, the Red Tail, Gordon's men begin firing their guns and rockets at the Red Tail, but Faye reverses the polarity of the rockets, directing them back at Gordon, killing him and his men.[1]