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Godard was a scientist for Cherious Medical in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Godard had long platinum blonde hair worn in a bun and hazel eyes. She wore a bloodied white lab outfit.


Not much is known about Godard's personality, however, she showed no remorse nor sympathy towards any of the animals that she experimented on. On the contrary to her cold and indifferent personality, Godard acted neurotic when Vicious made her free Le Fou from his cell.



Led by the scientist Godard, Vicious accompanied by his personal cohorts, Lin and Shin force their way into a room in Cherious Medical where a bunch of dogs and a man was imprisoned there. Godard beseeches the group to reconsider having the man released as he was made to be addicted to Red Eye in order to be controlled. However, even though the medical company had him addicted to Red Eye as a way to control him, the drug they created scrambled his brain. Along with that and the time he spent fighting on Titan, exacerbated his condition. Despite her pleas, Vicious forces Godard by gunpoint to release the prisoner. Released from his cell, the man answers Vicious' question of his identity simply as Le Fou, Pierrot Le Fou. The dogs in the room then start to bark, which starts to agitate Le Fou and Godard mentions that he hates dogs. Screaming out loud, Le Fou has a flashback of when Godard experimented on him while he was restrained to a stretcher bed. He then claims that he doesn't also just hate the dogs as he turns his attention to Godard. Fearful and panic-stricken, Godard details that the situation is insane, and is why Le Fou was called the Mad Pierrot. Vicious then shoots Godard, dead to which, Le Fou thanks him for.[1]

Godard appears in another flashback of Le Fou's when Ein barks at him during his failed assassination attempt on Spike's life. In yet another flashback, Godard is shown to have subjected Le Fou to an experiment that neuro-linked him to dogs. As this experiment was performed, Godard chanted, "Go to your happy place". She appears one final time in another of Le Fou's flashbacks when Spike throws a mechanical toy dog at Le Fou.[1]