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Giraffe was one of the leaders of the Self Defense Volunteer Squad.

Following a conflict with a group of space raiders in 2061, Giraffe was found blindfolded in a silo, presumably betrayed by his partner, Zebra, who thereafter went missing. During the next ten years, Giraffe looked for information about what happened. He found out that he was abducted by Wen, a victim of the Astral Gate accident and immortal. He also found out about a gem which could reverse the effects that made Wen immortal and obtained it in 2071.

The Bebop crew later began tracking Giraffe, who had a 3 million woolong bounty at the time. Giraffe, meanwhile, is trailing Zebra and Wen, and follows them to a sky rise hotel. Giraffe bursts in to their room and confronts Wen, only to be shot immediately and thrown through the window. Spike Spiegel was in the Swordfish II outside and saved Giraffe from falling, however, his injuries were fatal. Before he died, Giraffe pleaded with Spike to use the gem to help Zebra, but could not be specific in his wording. He gave Spike the ring and told him not to be "fooled by his appearance" (Wen's appearance).[1]