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"Hey, it's a good looking machine. Transferring wealth from the fortunate to the unfortunate can be very fulfilling. It's what charity's all about, don't you think so?"
―George talking to Ruth[src]

George was a pirate, hacker and bounty head.


George had curly red hair and tiny beady little eyes, and large eyebrows. He normally wore a long blue hoodie jacket (most of the time the hood was up, even when inside).


George was sarcastic, evil, and a tad insane. Whenever he hacked into peoples ship systems, he almost got a sick kick out of it, laughing hysterically at whoever he catches. He taunted his victims and faced problems with overconfidence (most likely because he's using one of the most advanced ship hacking systems in existence).


In 2071 he was part of a team with Herman and Ruth that used a trucking ship to approach other ships. The ship had a grappling cable that could shoot and target another ship's computer systems. His team used that to disable the ship and the trucking ship opened up to capture the ship. They would then sell the items off discretely. He was pursued by the Bebop and, though able to disable it, the Red Tail and the Swordfish II, the crew used the same virus against George's ship, rendering it immobilized and it eventually exploded, killing them.[1]


George, Herman, and Ruth get their names from the American professional baseball player George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr.