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Ganymede is the seventh and largest moon of Jupiter, as well as the largest moon in the Solar System. It has 8 million residents.[1]



Ganymede was terraformed in the twenty-first century by heating its original thick layer of ice to reveal a great seawater ocean underneath. With very little natural landforms, Ganymede had a prominent commercial fishing industry to harvest animals such as the Ganymede rock lobster and the endangered Ganymede sea rat. As the moon was on the outskirts of inhabited space, it did not have access to many new technologies before the Astral Gate system reached it.[1]

Jet Black was born on Ganymede in 2035 and worked as an officer of the ISSP there along with Bob and Donnelly.[2]

In 2071, Gett escaped from the Space Warriors and became critically injured in a ship near Ganymede. Faye Valentine happened to become stranded in the same area when her ship, the Red Tail, ran out of gas. She tried to rescue him, but he died of his injuries. She was eventually saved by the Bebop, and the crew later saved the Ganymede population from the Warriors' release of Monkey Business.[1]

A prison ship carrying Udai Taxim, Tucan and others was taken over by the inmates just after it passed Ganymede.[3]


Ganymede is modeled after Marseille, France and much of the language is French.