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Galileo Hustle is the seventh session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Alexandra E. Hartman

Cast: Main



At a fishing dock with the Bebop close by, Spike tries his hand at fishing while suffering from migraines from his VR experience eight days ago. Sitting on a beach chair, Faye reading a Playgirl magazine. When Spike gives up and goes to bed, while Faye is approached by Whitney Haggis Matsumoto, the woman who stole her identikit and payout money. From the get-go, Faye socks her in the face, and Whitney regains her composer to request that Faye get her off the planet and take her to Santo City in exchange for her identikit. Although Faye states that Whitney is a wanted criminal, Whitney claims that she'll pose as her mother to convince them.

Onboard the Bebop, Whitney poses as Faye's mother, and upon learning that Spike has a migraine, she cures him of it by doing a little chiropractics on his back. Faye then brings up that her mother wants to head to Santo City, but Jet refuses since the ship has to stay docked so he can attend Kimmie's recital. Although Faye tries to convince Jet to reconsider, it's Whitney's sob story that she's on the run from one of her former husbands. Spike buys into Whitney's story and he manages to pressure Jet into agreeing to take Whitney to Santo City in exchange for some bell pepper dumplings.

Meanwhile, Julia confronts Ana about her knowing that "Fearless" was still alive. Ana then details to Julia that Fearless goes by the name Spike Spiegel now and is a Cowboy. Back to the Bebop, Jet pick ups Faye's body language and notes his suspicions to Spike who doesn't care about the vagaries and minutiae of the two's relationship with each other. Jet then presses Whitney of how Faye was like as a child she spins up a story that Faye plays along with. As Julia leaves Ana's, Gren warns Julia that so long as Vicious is alive she'll never be safe. On the Bebop; Jet and Spike figure out that Whitney is a wanted criminal, and Faye confesses about herself and her relationship with Whitney. An infamous arms dealer known as the Iron Mink takes over the Bebop and appears on the ship via hologram. Demanding that the crew hand over Whitney, who then appears before him. The two talks with each other and amid it, Jet destroys the hologram machine. With Whitney in cuffs, the Bebop crew take Whitney to Santo City, and as they do they realize that Whitney's wedding ring has a tracker on it. Holding the tracker, Jet and Spike act as diversions for the Iron Mink while Faye and Whitney get Faye's identikit.

Elsewhere, Vicious, Mao, and Santiago all sit together by Santiago's manor and grape field enjoy some wine together. Cutting it straight to business, Vicious elaborates his plan to Santiago involving Mao informing the Syndicate Elders about his coup. Delivered in chains, Vicious will escape and once he gets his sword will kill the elders and the three of them will seize control of the Syndicate for themselves. Santiago agrees to the terms under the condition that instead of the 2% extra power, he gets 3%. To that, Vicious reluctantly agrees and the deal is agreed upon.

Stuck on a bus in Santo City, Spike and Jet posing as a married couple argue about Faye and Jet's reluctance to accept her after she lied to him. Elsewhere, Faye and Whitney con their way into getting a car from a valet.

At Mao's Metal factory, Julia confronts Mao and in exchange for taking Vicious' life, she's offering Mao the entire Syndicate. Back to Faye and Whitney who has Faye change a flat tire, the two have a bonding moment with each other. As Jet separates from Spike for a bit to watch his daughter's recital via hologram, Spike fends off Iron Mink and his men, and Faye is coaxed to join Whitney as her partner. Faye on the other hand, declines the offer choosing to know who she was before she had amnesia and once she finds her identikit. Inside of it, Faye finds a VHS tape, and then the Iron Mink and a cohort named Dimitri confront Faye and Whitney. Faye tries to reason with the Iron Mink claiming she's Whitney's daughter, but this only makes Iron Mink want to kill both of them. However, Whitney says "Saddle Stitch", which is the "Safe Word" to the two's kinky role play, and after Iron Mink kills Dimitri Whitney and he makes out, leaving Faye perplexed. With the two distracted, Faye steals Whitney's ship and flips her off before leaving.

On the Bebop, Jet sets up a VHS player, and the group play and watches the VHS tape that was in Faye's identikit. The video shows a young version of Faye from over 15 years ago who gives her present self a message. It's also revealed that the person recording the video was her mother.


  • Tank! (TV Edit) – Opening Title


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