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Felt Tip Pen is a song from the first Cowboy Bebop album.

The song is featured as the Three Old Men played cards at the El Ray, and as Asimov Solensan and Katerina Solensan entered the bar.[1] The song is featured as Spike Spiegel tries to get away from Roco Bonnaro at the Venus spaceport.[2]

Additionally, the song is featured as Jet Black and Faye Valentine try to capture space pirates, and as Spike Spiegel first met Miles riding in his truck.[3]


  • Keyboards - Yoko Kanno
  • Synthesizer manipulate - Keishi Urata
  • Percussion - Sydney Thiam, Michel Reman, David Mirandon, Phillippa Drai, Phillippe Nairy, Thierry Boucou