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Faye Valentine is one of the main characters in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Faye has purple hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a brown jacket over a yellow top, navy pants, and brown shoes.


Faye maintains most of her personality traits from her anime counterpart, but in this adaptation, she's also bisexual.


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Amid Spike and Katerina's talk, Faye points her gun at the back of Spike's head. She demands that Spike scram while she takes Katerina because her father Ellis Montgomery put a hefty bounty on her head. Despite Katerina's pleas, Faye doesn't care, and the moment Faye points her gun away from Spike, he retaliates allowing Katerina and her husband Asimov to escape. Frustrated that the two escaped and Spike tried to kill them, Spike points his gun at Faye and suggests that he put her at ease with a bullet.[1]

Afterward, she's locked in the Bebop's toilet by Spike, and soon Jet confronts him over it. The two then head to the toilet area where Jet is introduced to the handcuffed Faye who quickly greets and curses him. Later, Faye manages to escape from captivity by using a bobby pin on her person and escapes from her confine. She then steals Jet's gun and accesses the Bebop Mainframe, by using the password she found on a sticky note. Eventually, Faye catches up to Spike & Jet who confronted Asimov & Katerina, all while being ambushed by Syndicate members. Amid this ambush, Faye shoots Asimov in the neck with Jet's gun and a distraught Katerina flees the scene in a stolen spaceship while Spike pursues her. With their targets gone, Jet takes his gun back and Faye curses Spike and Jet.[1]

Faye confronts a man called Mark Manly at an opera house for being a part of a scheme that took advantage of people being awoken from cryostasis prematurely. Under pressure from Faye, Mark contacts the woman who posed as her mother Whitney Haggis Matsumoto; the conversation, however, is interrupted by the sudden arrival of the Callisto Liberation Front. They take Mark hostage and one of the members hits Faye with her gun causing Faye to get winded. The CLF leader Maria Murdock then appears via a hologram and after chastises the other hostage Loren Cadena for her company's destructive ways to Callisto. She tries to use Mark as an example of the same spores they use on Callisto to Terraform it, but Mark knocks it out of one of the member's hands causing it to be used on Loren, which transforms her into a tree. The CLF members then escape and steal Faye's spaceship in the process much to her dismay.[2]

Later, Faye meets with Jet and Spike at a restaurant and informs them about the CLF as potential bounties for them to cash in on. Back on the Bebop, Jet searches for information on the CLF and learns that their leader has a bounty on her head. While Faye takes an interest in Ein, Spike talks with Jet about his mistrust of Faye. His mistrust is well placed as she steals Spike's spaceship along with Ein to locate her ship. On route, Faye gets help from Ein to turn off the ship's tracker and once she reaches where her ship was at, finds out that Mark was changed into a tree. She's then confronted by Spike and Jet who take her back to the Bebop, but allow her to help them catch the CLF. Following a vague league, they find the CLF at Kao Construction where they planned to set off a missile. In the end, Faye manages to divert the missile's intended target location all while getting a hold of Whitney. In the aftermath of the situation, Faye is allowed to temporarily stay on the Bebop until she's able to get back on her feet again.[2]

Faye listens to Jet talk about Birdie "Charlie Parker" and are soon joined by Spike who complains that all of the hot water is gone. Confessing that she used it to get take a shower-bath, Faye then explains what it is to the boys who listen to her with unimpressed looks on their faces. Big Shot then comes on and announces a large heap of bounties where one of them triggers Jet and decides to go after it solo. In his absence, Jet order Faye and Spike to work together. The two argue back and forth on who they should go after, but in the end, they never do. Faye also explains how she once caught Ronald Dupree in dance tango and the newly fond of shower-baths to Spike along with loofas.[3]

Showing off her newly purchased railgun to Spike and Jet, they both comment how railguns are scams, which makes Faye get defensive. Jet also orders Faye to keep an eye on the mechanic named Mel that's working on the Bebop's engine. Faye does and the two get along fairly well. So well in fact that the two make love and bond with each other that they get caught in the act by Jet who warns the two that Spike's in trouble and need the ship ready to get to Earth. With Faye's help, they manage to reach Earth and find the server that the bounty Cy-Baba was located in. Using Faye's railgun loaded with a bobby pin, the server is destroyed. Afterward, when Mel has to go, Faye gives Mel her railgun as a present.[4]

Faye talks with Spike who tries to set up his rod, but fails and decides to take a nap instead. It's then that Whitney approaches Faye and asks her to take her to Santo City. Although dismissive of that idea, Faye agrees to help her in hopes to get her identikit back from her. Faye then introduces Whitney as her mother to the crew and although Jet is skeptical of her, Spike likes her due to her helping him with his chronic migraines. Eventually, however, Jet and Spike learn that Whitney has a bounty on her head and Faye then confesses everything about herself and her relationship with Whitney. It's at that moment that the Bebop is visited by a hologram of the Iron Mink the most notorious weapons dealer in the solar system. He demands that the crew hand over Whitney or else the Bebop will be destroyed.[5]

Afterward, the Bebop reaches Santo city and there they split into two groups. Faye goes with Whitney to retrieve her identikit while Spike and Jet find a place that has good reception so he can attend via holo Kimmie's recital. Faye along with Whitney manages to swindle a car from a valet and later they bond as Faye fixes a flat tire. At the place where Faye's identikit is at, the Iron Mink confronts the two, but Whitney says the "safe word" and Mink then kills his accomplice Dimitri for hearing the safe word. The two then kiss and make up while Faye steals Whitney's ship and identikit. Later on the Bebop, the crew watches the video from Faye's identikit and Faye becomes teary-eyed after watching it.[5]

The Bebop crew enjoy themselves at a bowling alley and it's also there that Spike and Jet surprise Faye with a birthday party. Outside of the bowling alley, Faye lets Ein do his business behind a waste bin while Jet and Spike are confronted by a man known as Le Fou. Amid the fight, Spike's left arm is burnt and thanks to Ein immobilizing Le Fou with his barks, they escape out of the place and back to the Bebop. Once Spike's burns are being treated, Jet has Faye watch over Spike while he gets more information about Le Fou from Woodcock. However, there isn't any information on him, and so later Jet tries to ask Spike for some, but is interrupted by Le Fou using Ein as a projector. Le Fou warns that if Spike doesn't meet him at Earthland, he'll blow up the Bebop. Despite, Faye's astoundment, Spike insists on facing Le Fou alone, but Jet and Faye insist on accompanying him. Even though Spike agrees for them to come along, he uploads a virus onto the Bebop that shuts down the ship's power.[6]

Searching the rubble where Spike faced off against Le Fou with Jet, Faye finds an advertisement poster called Suburbia Ville, promoting classic townhouses. Faye recognizes the house in the poster as her old house shown in her identikit and later cross-references it with the video to validate her discovery. Elated by this, Faye goes to tell Jet about this, but he wants her to help him find Spike, but promises to help her find where she grew up. Afterward, the two confront Spike in Ana's bar, but Spike manages to calm the two down. However, this calm moment lasts briefly as Jet gets contacted and is told that Kimmie was captured by a man called Vicious. Refusing to help Jet turn Spike into the hands of Vicious, Faye stays behind, but later tracks them down at a church where she kills the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate members with her spaceship. She then allows both Jet and Kimmie to ride on her spaceship while Spike stays behind and takes care of business with Vicious. Afterward, Faye packs her things from the Bebop and says her good byes to Jet and leaves to find out more about herself and her past.[7]


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