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Fad was a Inter-Solar System Police cop and former parter that betrayed Jet in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Fad had dark brown hair and eyes. He wore a brown suit and fedora.


Fad portrayed himself as a close ally to Jet, however, this was a ruse to fool Jet to stay on his good side, until he betrayed him once again.



A flashback featuring Jet and his former partner Fad talk about a musician named "Bird" aka Charlie Parker, and soon the subject changes to their target named Udai Taxim. They track his location to an apartment building, it's there that Fad is shot at and wounded and has Jet follow after Udai while he stays behind and recovers. Soon, Jet chases Udai down only to be shot down by an unknown assailant.[1]

In the present, a Bounty hunter tv show called Big Shot announces that Udai is among the prisoners that have escaped a prison ship on Europa. Because of his resentment toward Udai and what happened that caused him to lose his arm and leg, Jet contacts Fad, and the two once again team up to track Udai down. Their hunt first leads them to a man known as Dagmar, who after interrogating the man reveals that he gave Udai a new false identity. Once their interrogation is over with, they create a diversion to avoid contact with Chalmers and his partner Duero.[1]

Eventually, the two discuss Udai's next move would likely be, they follow Jet's epiphany of Udai's location at a sorting station. At said location Jet locates Udai and tries to get him to confess who his contact was only for him to be shot dead by Udai before he could answer. It's then that Fad reveals that he was not only Udai's contact, but the one who betrayed Jet in the first place. Fad then tries to kill Jet, but Jet blocks the bullet with his metal arm and returns fire killing Fad in the process. Chalmers and his partner Duero then arrive at the scene and Chalmers reveals to Jet that Fad was not only colluding with Udai, but he was investigating a string of corruption charges linked to Fad. Suggesting that Jet should leave before the cops arrive, Chalmers leaves Jet while he leaves a 1k Woolong bill on Fad's body commenting how Bird was the better player.[1]