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Fad (ファド?) was a policeman in the ISSP.

In the 2060s, Fad and Jet Black were partners. During this time, Fad had started to work for the European syndicate, unbeknownst to his partner. Eventually, the decision was made to make a move against Jet. One day, while the two were after Udai Taxim, Fad and Udai planned to trap Jet in a secluded area and Fad would shoot Jet. While giving chase, Jet and Fad split up with Jet tailing almost directly behind Udai. As soon as it seemed Udai was cornered by Jet, a floodlight switched on and shone directly on Jet. Fad shot him, and Jet's arm was lost as a result. Fad would see Jet leave the ISSP not knowing who it was that shot him.

Fad learned in 2071 that Udai was reported to have escaped capture on a prison transport ship to Pluto. He then planned to get Jet involved in his recapture, partly to re-live the old days and part to atone for what he'd done. He met Jet and had to convince him to help. The two attacked and successfully boarded the ship, killing all the criminals. However, Jet found Udai first as Fad went to the cockpit. Fad went to find Udai and caught him telling Jet the truth, revealing Fad's role in the loss of his arm. Fad immediately killed Udai, and threatened to shoot Jet, however, he had only loaded one bullet into his gun. Jet easily ducked, retrieved his gun from the floor, and shot Fad, fatally injuring him.[1]


Since they mentioned the "loan" Jet gave Fad seven years ago, it seems 2064 is when they last were partners.

Fad's handgun is a Smith & Wesson.