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Ein is the dog in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Ein has the appearance of an average corgi dog.


Ein portrays himself as a normal dog, however, due to his superior knowledge, he's also shown to help out the Bebop crew from time to time.



Arriving at the Atmos Fark where Hakim worked at, Jet and Spike are greeted by Ein who leads them to Hakim. Sometime later, Jet visits his daughter Kimmie's house and uses Ein as a birthday present. However, due to the high taxes that need to be paid to have a dog, Alisa refuses to allow Kimmie to have the dog. A crestfallen Jet leaves the house only to be stopped by Kimmie who asks to be able to contact Ein and happily, Jet allows her to do it whenever she wants.[1]

While Faye was on the Bebop so she could help Jet and Spike capture, Maria Murdock, she spots Ein and immediately takes an interest in him. She notes how much Ein could be sold for 20-30 million Woolong, but Jet flatly rejects that notion and the follow-up that they taste good too. When Spike speaks to Jet about his mistrust of Faye in the cockpit, the person in question steals Spike's ship and Ein and heads off to Maria Murdock's last known location. On route to their destination, Faye tries to disarm the tracker on the ship and Ein manages to do it gaining him praise from Faye. Eventually, Ein is retrieved by Jet, and Faye is recaptured. After their failed attempt to catch Maria Murdock and her gang, Ein is shown waking up Faye by licking her face.[2]

When Big Shot comes on the Bebop, Ein follows the crew as they watch the news of a prison transport car crashing on Europa. Later Ein attentively watches as Faye and Spike debate on what Bounty head they go after. He's also used a dance partner for Faye when she explains how she managed to nap Ronald Dupree. At the end of the story, Ein plays dead. Afterward, as Faye enjoys a beer, he looks at Faye in hopes to try some of it but he refuses to give her a drop.[3]

Ein tied to a chair by his leash, he watches as the Bebop crew spend time bowling as part of their family night. When the crew leaves the bowling alley, Faye allows Ein to relieve himself by a waste bin, while Jet and Spike are confronted by Le Fou. Amid the confrontation with Le Fou, Ein barks at Le Fou triggering his memories of when he was experimented on at Cherious Medical. With Le Fou immobilized, Ein and the crew flee the scene. In another of Le Fou's flashbacks, Ein appears in it as one of the research experiments. Browsing through the mobile computer on his arm, Le Fou hacks into Ein and uses him as a projector to relay a message to Spike. Once that's over with Ein faints on the ground from exhaustion. This entire scene shocks Faye as she proclaims that Ein can play movies from his eyes. When it's decided that the crew will face off against Le Fou at Earthland, Faye brings up the point that Ein might be a liability, because of his ability to project movies. Hence, Ein is left behind while the crew goes to prepare and face off against Le Fou.[4]

Ein appears again now accompanied by Ed who confronts Spike after his recent fallout with Jet to hire him to hunt Volaju.[5]


  • The official Cowboy Bebop Unlocked After Show[6] included an Ein blooper reel.