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Edward, also known as Radical Ed, is one of the main characters teased in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Ed is a young caucasian adolescent with wild red hair who dresses androgynously in a white sleeveless shirt, black bike shorts, and green goggles that are connected to her computer. She wears toe shoes shaped like bare feet, and carries a green backpack.


For the most part, Ed retains most of her anime counterpart's hyperactive yet highly intellectual personality.


  • Expert hacker


Ed under her alias of Radical Ed, contacts Jet about information the old bounty concerning Cy-Baba going under the alias Dr. Londes. Jet then visits Spike in his room to inform Spike about the new information concerning the news. Later, Jet encounters a man by the name of Dr. Kaypack in Dr. Londes' office who was also tipped off by Radical Ed. Sometime after the Cy-Baba fiasco, Jet vows to slowly rip off Radical Ed's fingers one by one.[1]

After Spike's fallout with Jet, Spike exits a bar and collapses in an alleyway where Ed accompanied by Ein calls out his name. On the other hand, Spike denies that he's Spike, not anymore that is. However, Ed is obstinate and tells Spike that she want to hire him for a big bounty, the Butterfly Man Vincent Valajou. Despite Ed's explanation her loud voice agitates Spike and tells her to be quiet and then passes out and Ed then calls out Spike to wake up.[2]


  • The official Cowboy Bebop Unlocked After Show[3] included the first interview with Radical Ed actor Eden Perkins.