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The Earth Police Department was the police force on Earth.

The Earth police put out a bounty on the hacker responsible for using attack satellites to create land carvings. The department tracked Radical Edward, the suspected hacker responsible, and sent two officers to her location. They stormed the building, but, unfortunately, Edward took control of their ship and they helplessly watched it crash into the ground.

It was found out later by the crew of the Bebop that it was, in fact, the satellite itself. The police decided it would not pay the bounty, however, since it wasn't a living thing.[1]


Officers had "PDE" on the backs of their uniforms.

In "Jamming With Edward", the two police officers were credited as "Police 1" and "Police 2." The script provides information as to which one is which. The voice actors were Isshin Chiba and Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi (Japanese), respectively.