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Dr. Kaypack is a doctor who created the A.I. known as Cy-Baba in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Kaypack has short brown hair and blue eyes. He wears sunglasses, a tan brown jacket over an olive green shirt, brown pants, and dark brown pants.


Although he created Cy-Baba, Kaypack's remorse makes him want to save the victims of his creation.



Off-screen, it can be assumed that Kaypack destroyed the screens that Beatrice appeared on in the Dr. Londes Center. From there, he found Spike strapped to a chair and stuck in a VR simulation and tries to save him by rewiring the system Spike is attached to. Eventually, Jet arrives and finds Spike strapped to the chair; armed with a gun, Kaypack approaches Jet and warns him to not unstrap Spike or else he'll fry his brain. Armed with his own gun, Jet points it at Kaypack and demands to know what he's doing to Spike and if he's Dr. Londes. Kaypack answers that he's trying to save him and perplexed by the other question, he answers no; someone named Radical Ed sent him an alert. Jet mentions that Radical Ed also sent him a notification as well and that he's after Dr. Londes a.k.a. Cy-Baba. Hearing that remark, Kaypack sighs and puts away his gun noting the futility of cashing that bounty. He goes on to explain that Cy-Baba is really an A.I. created by him that went psychotic, hence he shut it down, but not before killing countless people. When asked by Jet what is Cy-Baba doing now, he answers that it's got Spike stuck in a V.R. Loop in an attempt to steal his consciousness. Asked if he can stop it, Kaypack details once he rewires it, which Jet snaps at him to continue doing it and Kaypack does.[1]

As Kaypack works on rewiring the system, Jet watches over his partner and asks him what the A.I. is doing to him. Kaypack answers that the A.I. is exploiting his emotional tether so it can detach his consciousness from his neural network. If that happens, the A.I. would devour his consciousness and Spike would die. Amid his observation, Jet notices the percentage counter on the goggles Spike is wearing decreased slightly, to which, Kaypack details that it means that Spike is fighting back. This would allow them to have more time to work with, in order to save Spike. However, the machine short circuits, making it impossible for Kaypack to continue rewiring it, hence the only way to stop it is to cut off the power from its mainframe located on Earth. Jet then rushes out of the place and tries to get in contact with Faye on the Bebop. Eventually, Jet makes it back to the Bebop and stays in contact with Kaypack who monitors Spike's condition as the percentage of his consciousness being stolen rises. Jet accompanied by Faye and a mechanic named Mel arrive at the location where they find the mainframe and Kaypack instructs them to cut the power source from the back of the mainframe. However, as Faye notes, it's completely sealed up with no way to get in, still though, thanks to some ingenuity and a railgun, the group manages to kill the server.[1]

Afterward, Jet informs a languid Spike about Cy-baba's true identity and that Kaypack believes that the A.I. managed to somehow restart itself after it was shut down.[1]