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Donnelly was an ISSP officer and old friend of Jet Black.

Donnelly had worked closely with Jet for a long time on Ganymede until about 2064 when Jet left. He wouldn't see Jet again until 2071 when he processed the Bebop access right to Ganymede. After they caught up, Donnelly told Jet that Alisa is still on Ganymede and running a bar. Also, that she probably has a lot of debts due to the recent recession.

Later, Donnelly got information about Rhint Celonias, a bounty head who was also involved with Alisa, and decided to give Jet a heads-up. He couldn't find him, however, so he gave the information to Spike Spiegel instead.[1]


The character's name was spelled "Donelly" in the credits.