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Dog Star Swing is the third session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Christopher Yost & Sean Cummings





Somewhere in Tharsis City, Spike visits a sushi stall and after telling the owner a certain phrase, he gives Spike a secret message that says, "Vicious knows. After reading the message, Spike then asks when he picks up his next order to tell him whether he still does business at a certain place or not. The owner is hesitant to follow through with it as he was told no trouble was to be had by Ana, but Spike reassures him that they'll be no trouble just information. Spike then places the counter 100 Woolong on the counter and the owner claims he'll get a fresh supply in a few hours. Furthermore, the owner tells Spike to stay in the city and that he'll find him.

On the Bebop, Jet is tantalized by a commercial about the Walking Sally Doll. Exclaiming his frustration that out of all of the 70 toy stores in the city, all of them don't have a Sally Doll, Jet seeks to find the doll elsewhere. Hearing this, Spike tries to admonish Jet from doing that, noting the black market, however, does know someone who can hook him with one from there, but at an exorbitant cost. Despite wanting to leave the planet, Spike finds a bounty worth 15 million Woolong and convinces him to hunt the bounty. To get more information on the target, Jet contacts an old acquaintance of his named Woodcock. Via hologram, Woodcock appears and immediately tries to flirt a little with Jet and then turns her attention to Spike who impresses her with his comebacks to her flirtatiousness. Changing the subject to the matter at hand, they learn from her that their bounty only targets people from Earth and that she already handed over the security cam footage she has of the bounty. Jet on the other hand notes that, she didn't give them the raw footage of the bounty, which Woodcock agrees to on the condition that Jet enjoys dinner with her. Reluctantly, Jet agrees and Woodcock transfers the footage to him.

Once Woodcock is gone, the two watch the footage, and from Spike's lip-reading skills, learn that the bounty is targeting certain people who affecting his family somehow. Considering that the ISSP called in extra forces to hunt this guy, it's deduced that the bounty also has a reward another reward as well. Furthermore, Jet notices a scar on the bounty's right wrist showing that their bounty used a Face-changer. To help disable the Face-Changer, Jet fetches a machine that would help them in their bounty hunt. Since the Bounty most likely used a brothel to change his appearance, their two choices are Betty's Boop and Betty's Bottom. Hence, Spike heads to Betty's Bottom and Jet to Betty's Boop, while Jet mentions to Spike that the device he has would hijack the local signals all across the city. This would cause their bounty to freak out and rush back to one of the two places, wasting no time, Jet activates the device. At a gas station, the bounty's identity is compromised and Jet gets a signal that his black-market dealer is on his way to his location. In the meantime, they talk about Jet's daughter Kimmie and her step-father Chalmers. Soon, the Black-Market Benicio arrives in a blue car and sells Jet a Walking Sally Doll for 35k Woolong.

Around that same time, the bounty, whose name is revealed to be Hakim, complains to the bartender about the compromised face-changer. It's then that Spike accosts Hakim and he escapes to the roof while Spike follows him, leading the two men to fight one another. On route to his location, Jet drops the Walking Sally Doll that he just bought and it's run over by a motorcycle rider. Eventually, Jet reaches the rooftop where Spike is. Because of this, however, Spike is momentarily distracted and gets kicked into a neon sign that's displayed on the rooftop that slowly tilts backward. Because of this, Hakim escapes while donning his old disguise and escapes while Jet rescues Spike, but loses his doll in the process.

Elsewhere, Vicious in the frozen fish place, orders Lin and Shin to get a box of chocolates that Julia likes. Furthermore, he orders the two to "temporarily" shut down their Red Eye manufacturing ring, while the manufacturers are to be killed. Vicious and the others there then kill the manufacturers and when that is all said and done, Vicious leaves reminding the two, to not forget about Julia's chocolate.

Meanwhile, Julia visits Ana at her cabaret, and after a brief talk about the old days, they go into Ana's office and talk about her relationship with Vicious. Back to said person, he leaves the fish processing plant and walks by Spike's sushi informant, while Spike fetches the broken Walking Sally Doll. On the other hand, Jet finds a place that has a Walking Sally doll, but they're 1k Woolong short. Once again wanting to leave the planet, Spike again convinces him to stay, while Hakim rounds up a bunch of dogs and holds them at gunpoint with a shotgun. Back to Spike and Jet as they wait for the owner of Betty's Bottom to return, they briefly talk a little more about Chalmers and then Spike heads over to the Sushi truck to learn about Vicious.

Inside of the Betty Bottom, Spike and Jet learn from the brothel own Betty that Hakin frequents named Greta. They learn from Greta about how he scored an expensive dog and he may be at his job at the Atmo farms. At the farm, Spike and Jet locate a corgi dog named Ein who leads them to Hakim playing with the dogs he intended to kill.

Upon confronting Hakim, he reveals that when his parents were alive they all worked for a bunch of rich people from Earth. It was when the Earth Gate exploded, instead of using the escape pods to rescue him and his parents, the rich people chose to save their dogs instead. But overcome with remorse, he couldn't blame the dogs and instead blames himself for his own weakness and tries to kill himself, but is reasoned with by Spike and Jet. The moment Hakim drops his gun, though, he's shot in the head by the ISSP who take over things from there. Despite not being able to get the doll his daughter wanted, Jet still visits his daughter Kimmie with something he claims is better than a Walking Sally Doll. It turns out that the dog named Ein was in the box and although Kimmie loves it, Jet's wife Alisa, however, she rejects it due to the heavy taxation on dogs. Although, Jet was unable to give Kimmie her dog, she expresses interest in contacting her father to see Ein more.

Elsewhere, Spike contacts Vicious while being armed with a sniper rifle. The two briefly talk and the moment Spike tries to take a shot at Vicious, the bullet is deflected by the bulletproof window from the car Vicious was sitting in.


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