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Derek Murdock is one of the three children of Maria Murdock and Howard Culpepper. He's also a member of the Callisto Liberation Front in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Derek is a husky man with green eyes, long dark brown hair, and a beard. He wears a standard Callisto Liberation Front outfit.


Like his siblings, he can be a bumbling and incompetent person. He respects and follows his mother's every order to the best of his ability, despite the fact she can't tolerate him for his failures.



As part of the plan to stop the Kao Construction from terraforming Callisto, Derek along with his siblings Ron and Harrison, held up an Opera house where its CEO Loren Cadena attended. Once they captured Cadena and Derek took another hostage named Mark Manly, he then moved a big box over and placed a holo-device from which his mother Maria Murdock appeared. She announces them all as the "Callisto Liberation Front" and turns her attention to Cadena and chastises her for the misdeeds that her construction company has done to Callisto. Initially, their plan was to use a spore grenade on Mark to be used as an example of what would happen to Cadena if she didn't agree to their demands. This changes, however, when Mark knocks the grenade out of Derek's hand, causing it to be activated and its spores transform Cadena. Without their hostage and with other patrons in the opera house transformed into trees, Derek and his siblings fled the scene, stealing a space ship belonging to Faye.[1]

Afterward, the siblings meet with their mother back at their base and she reprimands them for killing Cadena. The blame for the failed mission is mostly placed on Harrison who is instructed by her mother to be like her, smart and ruthless. At that moment, Mark's phone starts to ring and it's revealed that Mark was taken as a hostage. Holding back her emotions, Maria announces that she's found the missiles to complete her plan and reveals that their father has them. They all then set off to Ganymede to fetch the missile, but not before Harrison finishes off Mark and takes every valuable in Faye's ship.[1]

Following a lead that they have on the CLF that Faye gave them, Jet, Spike, and Faye locates the group at the Kao Construction site. Once they're located, Ron and Derek are ordered by Maria to load and prepare to fire the missiles while she and Harrison go and prep the ship. On their way to the ship, Harrison and Maria are ambushed by Faye, but Harrison manages to shake off Faye and escape on the ship with her mother. Left on the planet, the two brothers Derek and Ron finish their work until they're knocked out by Jet and Spike who then stop the missile launch.[1]