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Darkside Tango is the fifth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Liz Sagal

Cast: Main



In a flashback, Jet and his partner Fad are driving in a car and the two of them talk about the music being played on the radio. Jet loves the smooth symphonic groove to it, while Fad thinks it's cacophonous and nothing special. Fad then changes the subject to their person of interest named Udai Taxim. Apparently, Udai has made contact with their unknown target, whom Jet suspects, on the other hand, Fad suspects a woman named Duero. Jet then places a wager of 2K Woolong on the sun visor to whoever is right gets the money. The two then park in front of an apartment complex and enter. it. Climbing up the steep stairs, Jet reveals to Fad his unborn daughter's name will be Kimmie.

At the top of the floor, the two walk down a narrow hallway and stop at a door not too far from the end. It's at the door at the end of the hallway, Udai walks out of it, and after a brief with one another, they fire at each other while Fad is hit and wounded. Wincing in pain on the ground, Fad tells Jet to pursue Udai who heads to the roof and down a set of stairs. Stopped in an alleyway, Jet gets Udai to drop his weapon and then demands that he confess who his contact is. Before Udai could answer, a car's headlights shine on Jet and he's fired upon several times until he faints to the ground.

Back in the present, on the Bebop, Jet talks about bebop music to a disinterested Faye and Ein. Then Spike enters the scene and complains that there's no hot water and Faye takes the blame noting she likes to take scalding hot showerbath showers. Faye then elaborates what a showerbath shower is while Spike asks Jet how long is she going to be there for. When Faye is finished they all watch Big Shot to learn about the newest bounties up for grabs on Europa. One of which was Udai, which agitates Jet upon seeing him on the Bounty list. With that Jet leaves the ship, but not before ordering Faye and Spike to team up and take care of the bounties on the list.

Rummaging through an old evidence box from when he was still a part of the ISSP, Jet reads over Udai's file and newspaper clippings related to it as well. He then contacts his old partner Fad to meet him at a specified location and after that, he dresses up in a dapper suit. Sometime later, as Jet reads over Udai's file, Fad arrives at the predetermined location, and the two briefly talk, but then get straight down to business. Following a tip, Jet has on a man named Dagmar who may have given Udai a new identity, they get into Fad's car to head to the man's location. Immediately, Fad turns on the radio and plays Charlie Parker's Bird & Diz, which brings back memories with Jet. The conversation then changes when Jet reflects on the last that cost him his life as a cop, to which, he still figures Chalmers was the one who set him up.

Meanwhile, on the Bebop, Spike and Faye debate on which bounty they should pursue, but due to their conflicts of interest are unable to reach an agreement on who they'll hunt. Spike suggests they decide over a shooting contest. Elsewhere, Vicious is agitated that Mao wants Julia to attend their meeting as well. Julia tries to reason with the agitated Vicious claiming Mao is simply trying to bait him and to calm down. On the other hand, Vicious states that it hurts him when he sees Julia so worried like he's incapable of keeping her safe. However, Julia reassures Vicious that's not the case and notes they only have one chance with Mao. To that, Vicious claims he'll kill Mao... with kindness. Returning to the Bebop, Faye and Spike try and settle who they'll hunt and with a couple of Rock, Paper, Scissors variants before they settle it with the actual game. Spike wins, but his bounty was then announced to have been caught, leaving Faye's up for grabs, until it's announced that due to him killing six cowboys his bounty is revoked.

Fad and Jet track Dagmar at a hookah bar and in his office, they interrogate him to find out that Udai was set to pick up his new identity in a few hours. With a couple of Dagmar's false teeth as collateral to make Dagmar contact them when Udai arrives, Jet and Fad exit the office only to hide behind a pillar. They then see Chalmers and his partner at the end of the hallway talking with the lady at the front desk. To create a way for them to escape unnoticed, Fad throws a barrel into a hookah creating a smokescreen.

Spike and Faye are shown to still be unable to reach a consensus on who they'll hunt and Faye suspects that Spike doesn't want to hunt with her. Inadvertently, Spike admits his suspicions of Faye questioning if she's really a Bounty hunter or not. To prove that she's a real cowboy, Faye shows Spike a couple of scars that she received from bounties that she's nabbed in the past. As a retort of the sort, Spike shows Faye his own scars from bounties he and Jet have nabbed. Unimpressed by Spike's scars, mainly because Spike had the help of Jet and that she managed to once nab Ronald Dupree a blood mercenary. Spike then demands that Faye prove it.

Standing by Fad's car underneath a bridge by an ocean, Jet and Fad discuss how Udai will make his next move. Fad then gets a phone call from his wife Connie and as he talks with her, Jet gets an epiphany where Udai maybe. The two then figure that Udai would manage to get off the planet by a sorting station now that his papers have been destroyed.

Elsewhere, Vicious and Julia meet with Mao at a metal processing plant. The moment Mao sees the two, she notes her disdain for Vicious having who allowed her best assassin Gunther to die. Unwilling to reveal who killed Gunter, but promises to handsomely accommodate Mao for her loss, Vicious offers her an opportunity. He then reveals his plan to take out the Syndicate and he, Mao, and Santiago will replace the Elders of the Syndicate. Mao is skeptical of Santiago will accept the position and goes on to explain a bit of Eunuch aka Santiago's history. Although Mao is uninterested in Vicious' offer, she plans on accepting it on the account of if his wife will sing for her. Losing his temper, Vicious tries to leave, but Julia stays and sings for Mao.

Showing Spike proof that she single-handedly caught Ronald Dupree from her ISSP history. How Faye managed to catch Ronald was when she did the tango with him, and as she explains this, she tangos with Ein. Giving Faye his unadulterated respect, Spike takes back all of the nasty stuff he said about her when he tries Faye's Shower-Bath and asks about loofah.

Arriving at the loading dock, Jet and Fad split up and search the crates around the place and soon Jet finds Udai and pursues him. When Jet finally corners Udai, he tries to get Udai to confess who shot him, but before he could say, he's shot by Fad. It's then revealed Fad was the one who shot him all of those years ago and not Chalmers. Fad then confesses that due to needing money to pay off his debts, he became an informant for the Syndicate. Fad then shoots Jet, but it hits his metallic arm, and Jet returns fire and kills Fad. Chalmers and Duero then arrive at the scene. Perhaps as a favor to Jet, Chalmers claims that Fad and Udai killed each other due to a disagreement between them and suggests Jet leave before the cops arrive. Before leaving, Jet leaves 1k Woolong on Fad's body and comments how Bird was the better player.

At Vicious' penthouse, Julia again tries to calm down Vicious over what had happened with the meeting they had with Mao. She fails to do it, but when Vicious leaves the room, she has an epiphany that the person who killed Gunther was Fearless.


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