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Dagmar is a "White Papers" guy or someone who creates false identities for people, in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Dagmar has short brown hair, a brown mustache and gray goatee, and brown eyes. He wears a brown suit and has false upper teeth.


Dagmmar is a low-life liar who is shown to easily break under pressure.



After Jet reconnects with his old partner Fad, to track down the recently escaped Udai. They down Dagmar who recently got parole and now runs an opium den and creates fake identities on the side. Upon arriving at Dagmar's place, Jet kicks open the doors to Dagmar's office. While Jet talks to Dagmar, Fad searches his desk, and finds a hidden compartment where Udai's new identity papers are. Pulling Dagmar's dentures from his mouth, Jet plucks out a couple of teeth for not only lying to him about Udai's paper, but the time he was supposed to pick them up. Using the couple of teeth as collateral, Jet has Dagmar promise to contact him when Udai arrives to pick up his papers. Dagmar reluctantly agrees and the two men leave his office.[1]