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Cy-Baba is a Bounty head in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Cy-Baba's true appearance is an old large mainframe in an old abandoned building.


There is no distinct personality to Cy-Baba, but it's known that it wants to steal the consciousnesses of people for its own purposes.



Radical Ed contacts Jet about new information related to Cy-Baba that he's going under the alias, Dr. Londes. Jet then informs, Spike about the Bounty head. Although Spike is reluctant to go after the Bounty, noting that it's a "Big Foot Bounty". Because anyone who tries to go after it is led on a while goose chase. However, Jet insists that Spike checks it out and sends him the information given to him by Radical Ed.[1]

Eventually, Spike visits Dr. Londes' office and is greeted by a woman on a television screen named Beatrice. She greets and welcomes Spike to the Londes Center and he cuts to the chase noting he wants to see Dr. Londes. Beatrice then leads Spike to a room with a chair in the center and has him sit on it. Adjusting the goggles over his eyes, Beatrice then explains that she will put him through a 90-minute presentation. Upsetidly, Spike ejects himself from the chair and leaves the room hoping to find Dr. Londes. only to be led back outside. This leads to an event where Spike meets Julia once again and they're killed by Vicious and other Syndicate members. As Spike goes through this repeated instance, Jet reaches Dr. Londes' office and finds the screens that Beatrice was all on, were all shot up. Following the bullet trail, Jet finds Spike strapped to a chair. The moment Jet tries to remove Spike's goggles, Dr. Kaypack appears pointing his gun at him and warns that if he removes the goggles he'll fry his brain. When asked if he's Dr. Londes, Kaypack reveals that he's not, but sent information from Radical Ed about Cy-Baba's location. Kaypack then reveals that he created Cy-Baba an A.I. that once it went psychotic he shut down the program, but not before killing thousands of people. Furthermore, he reveals that Spike is stuck in a V.R. loop that's sole purpose is to steal his consciousness. Jet then demands how to stop it and Kaypack claims that he was rewiring it to solve the problem, to which, after Jet's outburst he continues.[1]

Sometime later, Spike manages to lower the percentage rate of the conscious stealing process. Jet notices this and relays it to Kaypack who reveals that Spike is essentially fighting back giving them more time to work with. However, this serendipitous moment is ephemeral as Kaypack realizes he can't shut down Cy-Baba and that its mainframe on Earth needs to be shut down. In light of this, Jet scrambles back to his vehicle and tries to contact Faye back on the Bebop, but to no avail. He soon finds Faye and the mechanic he hired Mel to fix the Bebop so it can make it to Earth before Spike's consciousness is stolen. Not easily, the Bebop crew makes it to Earth and finds the mainframe that Cy-Baba resides in. With the help of Faye's railgun, the group manages to destroy the mainframe killing Cy-Baba.[1]

On the Bebop, Spike with a massive migraine awakens and is told by Jet that their Bounty Hunt was a bust. He then shows Spike a plate that read, "Life Observing Neural Development Emulation System" which would read LONDES if you take the first letter of each word. Furthermore, Jet notes that Kaypack said believes the A.I. restarted itself and took on the alias Dr. Londes to pick up where it left off.[1]