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Example: Most people believe in ghosts.[citation needed]

The "citation needed" link you just followed was placed there because somebody feels that the preceding statement needs an inline citation. If you cannot find a source for the statement, exercise extra caution when using the flagged information.

How to improve a passage that has a "citation needed" flag
  • If the statement violates Wikipedia's policy on biographies of living persons, delete the statement immediately.
  • If you can provide a source to back up the statement, please be bold, add a citation, and remove the tag.
  • To learn how to change or discuss articles, visit Wikipedia's editing tutorial.
How to cite sources

Verifiability is one of Wikipedia's most fundamental policies.

How to produce the "citation needed" flag
  • To learn more about the "citation needed" template itself, including when and how to use it, see Template:Citation needed.