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Cowboy Gospel is the first session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Christopher Yost

Cast: Main




A group of gunslingers led by a man known as Tanaka shoot up a casino killing most of its patrons, while the survivors lay on the ground cowering in fear. The leader Tanaka then goes into a tirade about how big corporations keep the little guys like them down and how they should be taken into some woods and then said place should be incinerated. A female gang member with a hostage asks Tanaka to speed things up. Tanaka then asks another member named Norman how things are progressing. Checking his tablet screen, where it shows that the Woolong transfer is just above 60%, Norman informs Tanaka that they're close to finishing. The hostage who was the casino manager named Carol is then lectured by Tanaka. He reveals that he once worked at a casino for stabbing a Pit Boss and how that same boss fired another person in his crew too. Tanaka blames his dismissal on the big corporations and then proceeds to point his gun at Carol's temple while asking her who she works for.

The casino elevator to the place slowly descends, alerted by the elevator noises, some of Tanaka's gang including Tanaka surround the elevator and from it exits Spike. Demanding to know why he's there, Spike answers that he just wanted to place a bet and then shows a single 50 Woolong coin on his person. Spike then flips the coin in the air and kicks the coin mid-air causing Tanaka to fall down backward. Taking advantage of his opportunity, Spike fights and knocks out two of Tanaka's men. The remaining gang members fire their weapons at Spike who takes cover behind a poker table. During the ceasefire, one of the members checks to see if they got Spike, but to his surprise sees that their target is missing. Spike then appears behind him, incapacitates him out, and uses him as a human shield while using his shotgun to take out two of his fellow gang members. Right as Spike kills another gang member with his pistol, Jet falls through the ceiling staggering two gang members and rebukes Spike for not waiting for his signal. On the other hand, Spike just gives a cheeky response as Jet then fights the two members he staggered as Spike kills a couple more including Norman. In light of this, Jet reprimands Spike for killing them, but moments after that comment, Jet kills one of them himself. When Jet asks Spike if Tanaka is still alive, the man himself appears with a hostage demanding he leaves the place alive. Spike though downplays the situation noting Tanaka's hostage is an affluent old lady who's led a full life. From the toilets, a heavy-set gang member named Frank exits from there and seeing the situation, takes out his disrupter gun. Recognizing the gun, Jet tries to reason with Frank, but Spike after insinuating that he's a cowboy shoots Frank in his left making him fire off his gun. The spot where the disruptor bullet fired off makes a giant hole in the wall into space. With a pseudo black hole created, Tanaka holds onto dear life at a table and is caught by Spike while Jet pulls the shielding switch. After a brief talk with each other, the old lady hostage asks who Spike is and he answers that he's just a Humble Bounty Hunter.

A dream sequence featuring Spike from his time in the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate and Julia plays until Spike awakens on his bed in the Bebop. Meanwhile, Jet pilots the Bebop through a Warp Gate and later cooks a meal for him and Spike who sits on the couch in the living room. Serving Spike his meal, Jet informs him that their next target is in Europa and that he needs to buy his daughter Kimmie a new doll. On an asteroid planet called New Tijuana, a man named Asimov and Katerina enter a place known as the El Ray. Inside, Asimov makes a deal in the back of the place with a man called Shahab to try and sell a hundred vials of the Red Eye drug that he has. To prove the validity of the item, Asimov uses the drug on himself. Just then a group of five men enters the bar. One of the men named Tommy immediately kills Shahab Asimov and demands that Asimov returns the Red Eye that he stole from the Syndicate. However, upon seeing that Asimov is using the drug, a panic-stricken Tommy tries to back off only to be used as a human shield against his fellow gang mates by Asimov. After he kills four of the gang members, the leader flees the scene in terror as Asimov gives a menacing grin.

Elsewhere, the Bebop reaches its destination and cash in on the bounty of Tanaka whom they captured on the casino. Although upset by the paltry payout by Tanaka's bounty, Jet encounters an acquaintance of his named Chalmers. The two get into a brief conversation over Jet's recent bounty that leads to Chalmers informing Jet of a bounty that's not on the wire. Curious to know why Chalmers would tell him of the bounty, Chalmers informs Jet that his ex-wife requested that he once in a while throw him a bone once in a while. Afterward, on the Bebop, Spike works up a sweat while training until Jet arrives and shows Spike the receipt to Tanaka's bounty. The two get into an argument over the pittance bounty they earned for capturing Tanaka. Soon after, Jet shows Spike their newest bounty target named Asimov Solensan. Spike, however, is unimpressed by the payout and tries to coax Jet into targeting the ship jacker bounty, to which, Jet refuses. He then reveals that the bounty location is in New Tijuana and instantly Spike refuses to do the bounty because, at that place, he was once stabbed for buying a churro. On the other hand, Jet argues that because of Spike he's unable to get the toy doll that his daughter wants for her birthday. Flexing his authority as the Bebop's owner and stating the fact that Spike owes him, Jet manages to convince Spike to accept the bounty. Reviewing over the last known footage of the bounty, Spike asks Jet about the pregnant woman beside Asimov, who speculates is his girlfriend.

Landing in New Tijuana, Spike goes around and asks the locals for information in regards to Asimov, but gets no leads. Meanwhile, Jet at the El Ray gets some information about the bounty and about someone else that may be after the target bounty. Back to Spike who asks old men about the bounty. They inform him that they saw him and he looked injured. Figuring he'd go to a hospital. Inside the said hospital, Asimov has the doctor there at gunpoint as she cauterizes the wound right under his right shoulder. Outside of the hospital, Spike talks with Katerina, Asimov's partner until he's held at gunpoint by a purple-haired woman. She demands that Spike back off because she's not after his target, but Asimov's woman. Although Spikes notes that there's no bounty on the woman, the purple-haired woman claims that someone named Ellis Montgomery is interested in her. Realizing that the woman is really Katerina Montgomery, Katerina pleads that she can't go back there, but the purple-haired woman refuses due to the money that's at stake. The moment he's given an opportunity, Spike manages to briefly restrain the purple-haired woman which catches the attention of Asimov. Spike and the purple-haired woman then fight one another and as they do, both Katerina and Asimov make an escape in their car. As they do, Spike points his gun at the car, but is too hesitant to fire and stopped by the purple-haired woman who claims there's no value in a dead bounty. Spike then points his gun at the purple-haired woman asking if he can put a bullet in her.

That evening in the Bebop, Jet approaches Spike in the living room as he sits on the couch listening to some music and asks him who the purple-haired woman held in the bathroom is. In the bathroom area, Spike introduces the purple-haired woman as Faye Valentine, Jet then informs that Asimov is a former Syndicate member trafficking Red Eye. Spike then informs Jet about Asimov's partner as Katerina Montgomery, Ellis Montgomery's daughter, and that Faye a fellow bounty hunter was after her. In the conversation that follows, Spike admonishes Jet to continue with the bounty due to the Syndicate's involvement. However, an obstinate Jet claims he needs the money from the bounty for his daughter's birthday. Furthermore, Jet claims that the bounties will need a ship to their final destination Mars and he knows where they'll find one.

From the Hanger, Spike rides on his Swordfish II and Jet on his motorcycle and head off while Faye breaks out of the bathroom and hijacks the ship. Meanwhile, Asimov and Katerina reach the Aeropuerto Spaceport and threaten the mechanics to flee. Both Spike and Jet appear from their hiding spots and Spike tries to reason with Asimov to surrender and he promises to find a way to get Katerina to safety. Asimov though refuses and fires his gun at Spike who dodges the bullet and kicks him in the arm and then knocks him to the ground forcing him to use a Red Eye. Now in a drug-enhanced state, Asimov fights Jet and Spike as Syndicate members arrive at the scene and try to kill them with their machine guns. One of the Syndicate members was the leader from the El Ray and during the shoot-out, Katerina gets shot in the stomach revealing that she wasn't pregnant but carrying a bunch of Red Eye vials. As Katerina and Asimov try to gather the unbroken vials and then make an escape but Asimov is stopped by Jet, while Spike kills nearly all of the Syndicate members. The leader of the Syndicate ambush group named Chivo recognizes Spike and claims he should be dead, to which, Spike agrees and shoots him dead. Jet now being strangled by Asimov is saved by Faye who shoots Asimov in the neck. In the turmoil, Katerina escapes on a ship with the wounded Asimov and they're tailed by Spike on his own. Reaching the Warp Gate location while the voice from the radio warns them to turn back; Katerina is excited that she and Asimov will finally make it to Mars, she's distraught to see that Asimov has succumbed to his wounds and died. The radio gives one last warning that her ship will be fired upon if she doesn't turn away, while Spike pulls up not too far beside her and from the radio tries to reason with her. As the warp gate police surround the area, Spike has flashbacks of when he "died" by the Syndicates. Katerina refuses Spike's offer quoting him that she needs to wake up and heads into the crossfire of the warp gate police and dies, leaving Spike disconcerted.

Eventually, the lone Syndicate survivor accompanied by two people reports back to his boss Vicious in a refrigerated area with tuna fish in it. The survivor notes that Chivo called him "Fearless" and provoked by the name, Vicious kills him with his katana and demands that the head of the man known as Fearless be brought to him. Afterward, Vicious visits a blonde-haired woman and lights a cigarette for her. She asks him if everything is alright and he answers that there's nothing to be concerned about, only old business is all.


  • Tank! (TV Edit) – Opening Title


Themes and Motifs[]

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Homages and References[]

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  • This episode seems to be a reimagining of "Asteroid Blues".
    • The difference is Faye is introduced in this series as a bounty hunter to hunt Asimov's woman. Rather at the second episode of the anime.