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Cowboy Bebop Tank! THE! BEST! was the final album by The Seatbelts before they disbanded in 2004, containing 12 tracks including three all-new songs written for the 2005 video game Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Serenade, featuring the vocals of Ilaria Graziano. Other songs are selected from the TV series and the movie Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door. The first pressing of the CD included a bonus sticker.

The band split after this recording but reunited in 2020 during the pandemic and recorded the soundtrack for the Netflix series.

Track list[]

Track name Length Notes
1. "Tank!" 3:30
  • Alto Sax: Masato Honda
2. "What Planet Is This?!" 3:31
  • Sax Solo: Masato Honda
  • Backing Vocals: Mai Yamane, Mayu Jensen, Tim Jensen, Mataro Misawa
3. "Cosmic Dare" 4:29
  • Vocals: Reynada Hill
  • Lyrics: Raj Ramayya
4. "Diamonds" 4:01
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
  • Piano: George Colligan
  • Bass: Stanley Clarke
5. "Don't Bother None" (TV edit) 2:55
  • Vocals: Mai Yamane
  • Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen
6. "Piano Black" 2:47
  • Saxophone: Joshua Redman
7. "Mushroom Hunting" 3:19
  • Vocals: Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
  • Electric Bass: Stanley Clarke
  • Fender Rhodes Piano: George Colligan
  • Drums: Bill Stewart
  • Percussion: Daniel Sadownick
  • Saxophone: Chris Potter
  • Trombone: Josh Roseman
  • Trumpet: Nicholas Payton
8. "No Reply" 6:01
  • Vocals: Steve Conte
  • Strings: Shinozaki Masatsugu Group
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen
9. "Blue" 5:04
10. "Einstein Groovin'" 6:19
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
11. "Pearls" 4:44
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
12. "Gotta Knock A Little Harder" 5:24
  • Vocals: Mai Yamane
  • Chorus: Paule McWilliams, Nicki Richards, Sharon Bryant-Gallwey, Lisa Fischer
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen