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Cowboy Bebop Remixes: Music for Freelance (カウボーイ ビバップ リミキシーズ ミュージック フォー フリーランス Kaubōi Bibappu rimikishīzu myûshkku fō furīransu?) is a collection of songs by The Seatbelts, remixed by popular American and British DJ's, including many from the popular Ninja Tune label.


The premise of the album is that it is a recording of a pirate radio station called "Radio Free Mars", whose host, Mr. Martian, obtained a copy of the remix album through favors. The songs were remixed by some "truly anachronistic lads and lasses" from original Seatbelts music in the 2040s. The host breaks between songs for various reasons in tracks called the "Radio Free Mars Talks".


They are credited as follows:

Track list[]

Track name Length Notes
1. "Radio Free Mars Talk 1" 1:13
2. "Tank!" (Luke Vibert Remix) 3:37
3. "Radio Free Mars Talk 2" 0:39
4. "Forever Broke" (Fila Brazillia Remix) 5:23
5. "Radio Free Mars Talk 3" 0:35
6. "Cats on Mars" (DMX Krew Remix) 3:50
7. "Radio Free Mars Talk 4" 0:49
8. "Piano Black" (Ian O'Brien Remix) 6:51
9. "Cat Blues" (Mr. Scruff Remix) 4:50
10. "Radio Free Mars Talk 5" 0:44
11. "Fe" (DJ Vadim Remix) 3:50
12. "Fantaisie Sign" (Ian Pooley Remix) 5:18
13. "Radio Free Mars Talk 6" 0:26
14. "Space Lion" (4 Hero Remix) 6:19
15. "Radio Free Mars Talk 7" 0:23