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Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Yakyoku (カウボーイビバップ 追憶の夜曲 Kaubōi Bibappu Tsuioku no Yakyoku?) or Cowboy Bebop: Serenade of Reminiscence is an action adventure/fighting video game from Bandai for the PlayStation 2 console released only in Japan on August 25, 2005. It features an original story based on the Cowboy Bebop anime series. And it takes place in the same universe as well.


The Bebop crew go in search of criminal outlaws to capture for bounties when they get caught up in the story of a mysterious organization, space pirate treasure, and a song called "Diamonds".


Play the game as Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine or Jet Black with hand-to-hand and shooting combat styles like Spike's Jeet Kune Do and Jet's Bulldog Style. Defeat and capture more than 50 outlaws for their bounties while Edward gives objectives and advice. The anime's Japanese cast lends their voices for the main characters.

Pilot spacecrafts and a boat in other segments of the game. Solve puzzles along the way and play a Blackjack mini-game to earn money to unlock bonuses such as game modes, extra playable characters, songs, and character profiles.

The game required 144kb free memory for save data. It supported the DualShock 2 input. The format was 480i (SDTV).


This game also includes music composed by Yoko Kanno from the anime series, including three original songs composed for the game and later released on Tank! THE! BEST! album.


Bandai Games released Cowboy Bebop: Serenade of Remembrance to the Japanese market on August 25, 2005. The developers did not release the video game outside Japan despite a promotion and playable demo at the E3 video game expo in 2004.[1]

Studio Sokodei took scenes from the game, subtitled them, and arranged them to create an unofficial movie, titled Cowboy Bebop: The Song Remains The Same.[2]


  • The character "Steve" is a spoof of one of the main characters in the video game Sunset Riders.


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