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Chessmaster Hex (チェスマスター・ヘックス?) was a programmer and lead engineer in the Hyperspace Gate Project.


Hex had been dubbed a genius from his teens. In the CosmoNet Chess tournaments, he held the Champions Seat for decades. In 2003, he applied his intellect to the Hyperspace Gate Project, joining the program at 30 years of age. He eventually developed the Central Control System that all Astral Gates use. However, he started to have doubts about the design, saying there were defects and the gates shouldn't be built yet. He insisted to delay the construction in order to run more tests, but the Gate Corporation disagreed, fired him, and built the first gate without his aid by 2021.

"Hex was furious. He wanted revenge so he used the design defects against the Gate Corporation by giving wanna-be criminals the information they would need to hijack the Astral Gate toll booths. He set up the sting to kick in fifty years later when the gate was pre-scheduled for its first automatic tech upgrade. It was all planned out. He even arranged for his operatives to carry chess pieces to let you know he had finally gotten back at you. But fifty years is a long time; Hex got old, then he got senile. He completely forgot about the traps that he himself had set." - Jet, on Chessmaster Hex.

In the meantime, he went to live in a Bohemian Junkheap, free from governments, nationalities and the police. He passed the time playing chess and hanging out with the Three Old Men.

By 2071, Hex had become senile and had forgotten about the plan he created, though he continued to play chess. He incurred a bounty, though not by name, and several bounty hunters searched for him. Eventually, the crew of the Bebop found him as well as Jonathan. At the same time, Hex was playing a particularly long chess game with Edward, who he claimed was the first formidable opponent he had in ages. After he won the chess match that went on for days, he passed away from old age, but as his final opponent was his best, he died a happy man with no regrets.[1]


Since Hex was approximately 98, he would have been born about 1973 and joined the Project in 2003 (since he was 30 at the time).

Hex is voiced by Michael McCarty in English.