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The following is a list of major and minor characters from the anime, manga, and live action series Cowboy Bebop.

Major Characters
 ·Edward ·Ein ·Faye Valentine ·Jet Black ·Julia ·Spike Spiegel ·Vicious ·
Supporting Characters
 ·Annie ·Bob ·Laughing Bull ·Gren ·Punch and Judy ·Three Old Men ·
Minor Characters
 ·Abdul Hakim ·Andy ·Asimov Solensan ·Chessmaster Hex ·Coffee ·Doohan ·Elektra Ovirowa ·Fad ·Fatty River ·Lin ·George ·Giraffe ·Gordon ·Julius ·Katerina SolensanMad Pierrot ·Mao Yenrai ·Maria Murdock ·Miles ·Morgan ·Mr. Appledelhi ·Rocco Bonnaro ·Sally Yung ·Shin ·Teddy Bomber ·Udai Taxim ·Victoria Terpsichore ·Wen ·Whitney Hagas Matsumoto ·Zebra ·
Netflix Characters

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Major Characters

The following characters appear throughout the series with major speaking parts or are pivotal to the story arc of the series.

CL Spike
Spike Spiegel
Main article: Spike Spiegel
Played by: Kôichi Yamadera (Japanese) and Steve Blum (English)
Spike Spiegel is an ex-Syndicate member and a bounty hunter aboard the Bebop. Haunted by his past, he longs to reunite with a beautiful woman from his days in the Red Dragon. Spike is proficient in martial arts, zipcraft flying, and gunfights. He also has comical and aloof sides of his personality. If there are three things he can't stand, it's "kids, pets, and women with attitudes." He's got all three on the Bebop.
CL Jet
Jet Black
Main article: Jet Black
Played by: Unshô Ishizuka (Japanese) and Beau Billingslea (English)
Jet Black is an ex-ISSP Special Forces Officer and the Captain of the Bebop. He is a bounty hunter and is called the "Black Dog" because once he sinks his teeth in he never lets go. Jet enjoys American Jazz music, taking care of Bonsai trees, and has a knack for investigative work.
CL Faye
Faye Valentine
Main article: Faye Valentine
Played by: Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese) and Wendee Lee (English)
Faye Valentine is a coma survivor of over 50 years and she is trying to regain her memory. She got into a lot of debt upon entering this futuristic world, and she had to resort to a life of crime and hustling to survive..that is, until she decided to live on the Bebop and become a bounty hunter.
CL Edward
Main article: Edward
Played by: Aoi Tada (Japanese) and Melissa Fahn (English)
Edward is a net diver from Earth. Edward is a child prodigy for hacking and has an aptitude for anything mechanical, even though Edward has some eccentricities in other parts of her personality. For instance, Edward speaks in third person and sometimes behaves like a wild animal. That's just Edward being Edward.
CL Ein
Main article: Ein
Ein is a data dog, which is to say a very intelligent dog. He was enhanced in an illegal research facility but now spends most of his days relaxing on the Bebop. While not being an official bounty hunter, he does occasionally assist the crew in their cases.
CL Vicious
Main article: Vicious
Played by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese) and Skip Stellrecht (English)
Spike's rival. He is a member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate and prefers to use a sword instead of a gun. He leads a coup against his Capo, Mao Yenrai, in order to take his place as the new crime boss. Vicious is just like his name, darker and more sadistic than Spike.
Julia tinypic
Main article: Julia
Played by: Gara Takashima (Japanese) and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)
Spike's love interest. A woman of mystery, formerly involved with the Red Dragon Syndicate. Once lover to Vicious and then Spike, the lady vanished. Years later she remains the dream-like object of Spike’s desire.

Supporting Characters

The following characters appear in more than one episode and have substantial speaking parts but their characters are not as pivotal to the plot or fully developed.

CL Gren
Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener
Main article: Gren
A Titan War veteran and saxophone player on Callisto who got involved in the Red Eye drug trade.
CL Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy
Main article: Punch and Judy
The western-styled hosts of Big Shot, a television show that gives bounty hunters the latest news on wanted criminals.
CL Three Old Men
Three Old Men
Main article: Three Old Men
Antonio, Carlos and Jobim are three old men who travel throughout the Solar System and continually encounter Spike and the Bebop crew, however neither group ever acknowledges having seen the other before.
CL Lin
Main article: Lin
Brother of Shin and partner of Vicious within the Red Dragon crime syndicate. A loyal made man who knew Spike when he was a syndicate member.
CL Annie
Main article: Annie
A friend of Mao Yenrai and with past ties to the Red Dragon crime syndicate. Later owned a newsstand on Mars.
CL Laughing Bull
Laughing Bull
Main article: Laughing Bull
A descendant of a Native American tribe of Earth who has been known to live on the asteroid Tijuana (Session 1) and on Mars (Jupiter Jazz, Real Folk Blues 2).
CL Bob
Main article: Bob
A cop and old colleague of Jet Black on Ganymede. Often helps Jet with inside ISSP information on various bounties.

Minor Characters

The following characters typically appear in only one episode and their personal story ends at the conclusion of the episode.

CL Asimov
Asimov Solensan
Main article: Asimov Solensan
Asimov Solensan was a bounty head wanted for dealing illegal Red Eye on Tijuana.
CL Katerina
Katerina Solensan
Main article: Katerina Solensan
Katerina Solensan was Asimov's woman and partner in crime.
CL Abdul
Abdul Hakim
Main article: Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim was a bounty head wanted as a serial pet thief who stole Ein, an illegally engineered data dog, from a top-secret research facility.
CL Morgan
Main article: Morgan
Morgan was a bounty head who was worth 8 million Woolongs.
CL Twinkle
Maria Murdock
Main article: Twinkle Maria Murdock
Twinkle Maria was a bounty head wanted as the leader of the terrorist organizations, The Space Warriors. As an eco-terrorist, she attacked Ganymede for harvesting the endangered Ganymede Sea Rat population.
CL Mao
Mao Yenrai
Main article: Mao Yenrai
Mao Yenrai was the Capo of the Red Dragon crime syndicate and a mentor of Spike Spiegel. In his last days, he attempted to bring peace to the syndicate by ending the war with rival organizations.
CL Wen
Main article: Wen
Wen was a victim of the Astral Gate accident that caused his body to stop aging. He was a gifted harmonica player that became jaded over time and held people hostage, like Zebra, in order to keep his condition a secret.
CL Rocco
Rocco Bonnaro
Main article: Rocco Bonnaro
Rocco Bonnaro was a bounty head wanted for the theft of a Grey Ash plant. He had intended to use the seeds to cure his sister's blindness.
VT 01
Victoria Terpsichore
Main article: Victoria Terpsichore
VT (Victoria Terpsichore) was an interplanetary truck driver and widow of the legendary bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore.
Chessmaster Hex
Chessmaster Hex
Main article: Chessmaster Hex
Chessmaster Hex was a chess champion and one of the original designers of the Astral Gate system. Over disagreements, he quit the company and vowed revenge.
Main article: Shin
Brother of Lin and a member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate.
Whitney Hagas Matsumoto
Whitney Hagas Matsumoto
Main article: Whitney Hagas Matsumoto
Whitney Hagas Matusmoto was a con artist who left Faye Valentine with his debts after breaking her heart.
16 Udai1
Udai Taxim
Main article: Udai Taxim
Udai Taxim was a syndicate member from Jet Black's past.
Mr. Appledelhi
Main article: Mr. Appledelhi
Appledelhi was Edward's biological father who lived on Earth and worked as a surveyor on a terrain that was constantly changing due to the daily barrage of rock showers.