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"Take it or leave it, pal"

Chalmers is a police officer who worked with Jet Black in the past and is an original character in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Chalmers has ginger-colored hair that's parted to the left side, dark brown eyes, and a bushy mustache. He wears a beige-colored dress shirt, two gun holsters around both sides of his armpits, brown pants, and shoes.


Initially, Chalmers comes off as a bit of an instigator toward Jet, however, he's shown to respect him enough to follow his ex-wife's request to "Throw him a bone" once in a while. However, Jet considers this act as a way for Chalmers to throw him his own bone at her.



Chalmers meets with Jet after he turns in the bounty on Tanaka while noting he should be accompanied by a group of six men, but he only sees one. Jet then presses Chalmers that he heard that Chalmers was working on a case on Ganymede, but he reveals that his plans changed when he learned that Jet would be there. After a brief talk with Chalmers, Jet tries to walk away, but is stopped by him who informs Jet of an unwired bounty. Why he's informing him of the bounty is because his wife requested that he throw Jet a "Bone" once in a while. However, Jet retorts that Chalmers throws his own bone at her, and agitated by the remark, Chalmers backs off and claims Jet can take it or leave it if he wants.[1]

Jet mentions Chalmers to Spike while he's on a stakeout by Betty's Boop. Eventually, Jet visits his old home to deliver his birthday present to his daughter Kimmie.[2]

In the past, Chalmers is mentioned by Jet as a plausible suspect that Jet believes to be the contact to the wanted criminal Udai. Chalmers and his partner Duero visit Dagmar's place in order to get information on the recently escaped convict Udai Taxim. Jet and his old partner Fad were also there and Fad creates a diversion allowing the two to avoid contact with them. Afterward, Chalmers and Duero track Udai to the sorting station where they find Jet with Udai and Fad's dead bodies. Duero leaves to report their find and Chalmers learns that Jet killed Fad in self-defense, while also claiming that Jet killed the only man who could have proved his innocence. Before leaving, he suggests that Jet leave the scene before the ISSP arrives.[3]

Chalmers appears again when Jet attends Kimmie's recital and details to Alisa that the flowers sent to them were from Jet. During the recital, Chalmers leaves his seat to get some close-up pictures of Kimmie.[4]

Once Kimmie was returned to Chalmers and Alisa after she was kidnapped by Vicious and his Syndicate cohorts. She drives away with her by Chalmers as a wounded Jet sits by and sadly watches.[5]