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Callisto Soul is the fourth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by: Vivian Lee





Faye confronts someone named Mark Manly who prematurely unfroze her and stole her settlement money at an opera. In exchange for his private area, Faye demands that Mark locates someone named Whitney Haggis Matsumoto, so she can get her identikit back. The moment when Mark contacts and gets a hold of said person, three terrorists appear and take a woman named Cadena CEO Kao Construction and Mark hostage. A hologram of a woman introduces herself as Maria Murdock of the Callisto Liberation Front. Maria calls out Cadena for her plans to deforest many trees on Callisto and how they're directly responsible for the recent extinction Ganymede sea rat. Armed with a grenade filled with the same spores used to terraform Callisto. The terrorists then intended to use Mark as an example of what they'd do to Cadena if she didn't accept their demands. However, their plan fails when Mark knocks the grenade out of the terrorist's hand with the grenade's pin out of it too. Cadena then inhales the gas that spews out of it and transforms into a giant tree. With their situation compromised, the terrorists escape with Mark in arms. When Faye tries to pursue them one of the terrorists shoots her in the right shoulder and steals her ship in the process.

Afterward, Spike and Jet order a meal at a diner and are soon joined by Faye. She informs the two about the ecoterrorists that stormed into the opera house and transformed several of its patrons into trees. Initially, Spike and Jet don't believe Faye and think she's high on drugs, but are convinced after seeing a news report about the incident Faye just explained. Meanwhile, Maria chastises and reprimands the terrorists who were also her children for their incompetence. On the bright side, Maria informs the kids that she's located the missiles that they need and they'll get them from their father. Sometime later, a bounty is posted on Maria's head, and right when Faye was about to track her ship's location, she spots Ein and is instantly fascinated with him. Pilfering Faye's tech, Spike asks Jet to walk and talk with him to the bridge and as they do, Spike notes his distrust for Faye. The moment he claims that Faye steals Spike's ship and takes with it off accompanied by Ein.

Julia plays the piano in Vicious' penthouse, until the man himself arrives and informs Julia that Tui will take her off the planet for a while. As to why Vicious is doing it is to protect her from the Syndicate Elders. Furthermore, he plans on taking on the Elders head-on, but Julia admonishes the plan and suggests a coup instead, while convincing Mao to join their cause. Back to Faye, she finds her ship, locates Mark who was turned into a tree, and right as Faye tries to get his phone, Spike holds her at gunpoint.

Back on the Bebop, Jet cauterizes Faye's wound they try and get more information from Faye about the Murdochs location, but she has none. At Ana's cabaret, Julia visits Ana and asks her to reach out to Mao and set up a meeting with her and Vicious. Returning to Jet, Spike, and Faye, they track a man named Howard Culpepper who is Maria's ex-husband and works for Kao Construction. However, when they find Howard they see that he's been transformed into a tree as well. In the distance, the sound of an alarm can be heard and the group heads toward it. Upon seeing Maria and her children readying to fire the missile filled with the terraformer pollen, Jet and Spike seek to stop the missile and Faye goes after the bounty. Faye confronts the terrorist who shot her and the two fight but she and Maria eventually escape on their ship; however, she manages to retrieve Mark's phone with four missed calls. Chasing after Maria's ship, Whitey calls and Faye impersonating Mark talks with her and learns of Whitey's location. Although Jet and Spike manage to knock out the two terrorists and abort the missile launch. However, Maria launches a missile that she has on the ship making Faye use her own ship to destroy it before it hits its target. Not wanting to spend the rest of her life in prison with her mother, the daughter pulls the pin on a spore grenade that she.

Eventually, on the Bebop, Faye wakes up and Spike fills her in as to why she was saved and what happened to her ship. He also informs her that Jet will allow her to stay on the ship until she recuperates.


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