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Callisto was an ice-covered moon of Jupiter, and the third-largest moon in the Solar System behind Ganymede and Titan.

Callisto was terraformed in the 21st century, though only barely, as it was a cold and desolate natural satellite. Existing on the outskirts of inhabited space, Callisto had become a refuge for illegal groups and trades, and the population was almost entirely male. As such, there were also very few families or children.

The moon underwent a financial depression in 2071.

Gren lived on Callisto in Blue Crow from 2068-2071 until his death. Julia visited the moon and met Gren for a time in 2069.[1][2]



The city on Callisto seems to be mainly Russian, or at least influenced by Russian culture, as most of the street signs are written in Russian. The people on Callisto often wear parkas and ushankas, and the climate is cold and snowy, all images often associated with Russia.

The name "Valhalla Basin" could be seen on the map Spike Spiegel views on his ship. It wasn't clear whether it was part of Blue Crow or a different area.