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Buck is a minor character in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Buck has gray hair and dark-colored eyes. He wears a dark gray fedora, gray diamond-patterned vest over a light brown plaid dress shirt, a tie, necklace, black pants, and shoes.


Not much is known about Buck's personality, but he shares his partner's astute nature when it comes to information about their musical interests.


Buck accompanied by his partner Peggy Landsford, leaves their weapons at the front desk of Ana's bar and are escorted by Gren inside into the bar. As they're escorted to their table, Gren informs them that they've reserved for the two of them table 8 which is the front and center row of the place. This delights Peggy as it was also a place of interest for the Markmans, but Gren favored them more. Just before they're seated, Peggy inquires if Rita Liontene will be performing tonight and Gren plays coy noting that she's not set to perform. Peggy then notes that she's on the planet and Buck chimed in noting that Rita loves playing at night. Gren then notes that they won't confirm nor deny it, however, the two should order another bottle for the night. The news delights the couple and Gren leaves them.[1]