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A bounty hunter (or cowboy, cowgirl, etc.) was a private citizen with the authority to capture fugitives for a bounty given by a law enforcement organization.

Bounty hunters often watched the television show Big Shot for news on new bounty heads. The show provided descriptions of the criminals and rumors. Bounty hunters also looked for rumors themselves.

The ISSP issued bounties on wanted criminals throughout the Solar System, but individual planets, in particular Earth, may have their own police force to release and pay for bounties. Stations had dispensaries for the cash reward.[1]

Some social circles frowned upon the bounty hunting profession as being violent and crude, while others are taken to its freedom and self-reliant nature.

Because bounty hunters are paid for only successful captures of fugitives, many cowboys have low-annual incomes and are forced to live frugally in order to survive.[2]

Notable Bounty Hunters[]