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The Bohemian Junkheap was a large combination of discarded technology, including destroyed Astral Gate and ship parts melded together into a planet-like mass. It was inhabited by an assorted group of elderly people and hippies adopting a care-free lifestyle. There is no law, police or nationality there. As a non-maintained structure, it lacked gravity in several places, though it had an oxygenated atmosphere.

Chessmaster Hex inhabited the Junkheap late in life after he left the Gate Corporation. He spent a lot of time playing E-chess. The Three Old Men also visited the Junkheap frequently and knew Hex.

The crew of the Bebop visited the Junkheap in 2071 to find Hex, having traced him there. Jonathan followed, and they all converged on Hex' room. Jonathan stayed and adopted the lifestyle while the Bebop crew left.[1]