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Bob is a police officer for the ISSP in the Ganymede Police Department. At one time in the past, he worked in the same department as Jet Black once had.

Bob worked on Ganymede during the threat of the Space Warriors. When Jet and Spike had captured Twinkle Maria Murdock and found out about the bounty retraction on her capture, Jet reached out to Bob for more information. With Jet's subtle threatening of knowledge of his questionable past behavior (possibly some stolen Red Eye), Bob reluctantly informed Jet of the full story on the Warriors' threat to release the virus. Bob recommended that Jet return Murdock, but Jet decided to dig deeper.[1]

Later, Bob heard from Jet again about a strange man who almost killed Spike Spiegel. Despite the possibility of getting in trouble himself, he informed Jet about Mad Pierrot and his intention to kill high-level ISSP directors. He warned Jet about him, and that Spike was in trouble.[2]

When Alba City was threatened by a nano-bot virus, Bob met Jet again to give him what information he could find on it. Resigned, he told Jet the high levels of ISSP were only willing to cover themselves, and the bottom levels were too corrupt. Jet notes that's been the same since he left. He later informed Jet about the ISSP raid on the water treatment plant.[3]

Bob got word that the Red Dragon crime syndicate was undergoing a coup. Vicious was captured and the syndicate's leaders were eliminating anyone connected to him. He decided to call Jet and warn him. He urged him to leave Mars, but Jet said it was too late.[4]


The character was credited as "Bob" in the series, but as "Pop" in the movie's leading Japanese credits. The English credits listed the character as "Bob."